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October 1, 2022



Many schools in NCR in the grip of Corona: Three more schools locked after student-teacher got infected

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Many schools in Delhi-NCR have come under the grip of Corona. After which three schools have been closed. Now the online class will run by closing the offline class.

Corona cases have started increasing again in Delhi-NCR. Corona has knocked in the schools of Ghaziabad and Noida. Due to which many schools have come under the grip of Corona. This has created a stir in the health department.

Students and teachers have been found corona infected in DPS, Millennium and Shriram Millennium Schools of NCR. Since then the school has been closed. 13 students and three teachers of a private school located in Noida Sector-40 have been found corona infected. The school has been closed till April 17 after teachers and children got infected.

Information sent to health department
The list of infected students and teachers and the steps taken by the school has been sent to the Health Department. The school management has asked to sanitize the premises and adopt other safety measures. At the same time, a 12-year-old girl has been admitted to the Covid Hospital in Sector-39, which has been vacant for the last about 10 days. Schools have been closed due to infection. Now classes will run online instead of offline.

Children’s safety first priority
The safety of children is our first priority. After the Covid case came to the fore, the school has been closed and online education has been started. After the school opens, students will be called on the basis of Covid test only. Along with this, the Covid guidelines are being followed completely. All possible measures will be taken for the safety of the students. – Rajeev Gupta, School Manager

Increased concern of parents, said – start online classes again
The concerns of parents have also increased after the Covid case surfaced in a private school in Noida. The parents of the school have already started demanding to start online classes. Along with this, the activism of parents has increased regarding the investigation, safety, etc. of children. Where the parents of infected children are engaged in the arrangements for treatment. At the same time, the parents of the children studying with them are ensuring the safety of their children by getting them tested for Covid.

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