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October 1, 2022



Jalandhar: Bhagwant Mann said on Kejriwal’s meeting with officers, I will also send Israel for the betterment of Punjab

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In Jalandhar, Bhagwant Mann said that if officers had to be sent to Israel for the betterment of Punjab, I would send them.

CM Bhagwant Mann has given clarification on the meeting of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with the officers of Punjab. He said in Jalandhar that if officers had to be sent to Israel for the betterment of Punjab, I would send them. Mann called it a training program. The CM said that on his orders, senior officials of the state government had gone to Delhi for training a few days ago. On creating unnecessary hue and cry over this issue, the CM said that wherever needed he would send officers to sharpen their administrative skills and expertise. No one should object to this.

Mann said that this is not the first time that these officers have gone to another state. These were the same officers who had earlier gone to states like Tamil Nadu for training. Mann said that on April 16 you will all know why our officers had gone to Delhi. The Captain and other opposition are saying that you are being sidelined, Bhagwant Mann looks uncomfortable in the party. He replied that who is saying that I am being sidelined. I am taking all the decisions myself. I am not being sidelined.

The CM said that today the crops of farmers are being bought in Punjab at a price higher than the MSP. This has become possible because the earlier agriculture minister was a king. He had no idea about agriculture and is a common man today. He also took a jibe at the opposition and said where is the opposition? When did those who won two or four seats become the opposition? On expensive vehicles of ministers, he said in clear words that I am giving good news for Pargat Singh that we are not going to buy any big car from Fortuner. On the contrary, what they have got, they are also going to take back.

Coming to Jalandhar brought back old memories
CM Bhagwant said that I love Jalandhar very much. I started my professional career after joining Doordarshan in Jalandhar. Even after starting the political innings, my attachment to Jalandhar always remained. He said that when I came to Jalandhar for the first time, I stayed in the Gurudwara of Guru Nanak Mission Hospital. Jalandhar is a historical city.

Jalandhar will be sports hub, university will soon be built
Mann said that soon a sports university would be constructed in Jalandhar. Its preparations are also being started. He said that talks are going on with experts from London regarding Sports University. He said about AAP’s Rajya Sabha member Harbhajan Singh alias Bhajji that he has been made a Rajya Sabha member only because of the university. Mann said that when the time of a person changes, nothing can be said. Therefore man should always be connected with the earth. He said that Sansarpur, Mithapur has brought laurels to Punjab in the field of hockey all over the world.

The CM said that today an attempt is being made to break the Constitution, which no one is breaking on their own. Remember, if the country is to be saved, the Constitution has to be saved. Giving the example of Sona and Loha, he said that when Iron and Sona were talking, Sona asked why do you make a sound. So the iron replied that they kill me on my own. Similarly, there is a constitution which was accepted by the British, some anti-national forces are not accepting it and are engaged in breaking it. We are in that era where if someone becomes famous, we start naming children after him. Today there are many Bhima in the country who are engaged in saving the constitution.

Taunt on Captain: People forget by taking the oath of Gutka Sahib… what will the oath of the constitution remember
Speaking on the promises made to the people, CM Bhagwant Mann said that we remember the oath of the Constitution which we have taken for the upliftment of 2.14 crore citizens of the state. Without taking names, he took a jibe at the Captain and said that there are some people who forget to take the oath of Gutka Sahib to come to power, then how will they remember the oath of the Constitution.

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