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October 1, 2022



India Russia: India receives equipment-simulators from Russia for S-400 training squadron, but worries remain

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After attacking Ukraine, Western countries have imposed many sanctions on Russia. Defense supplies to India from Russia are still going on but due to sanctions imposed on the banks of Russian companies, the Indian side is unable to pay them.

India has received simulators and other equipment for the training squadron of the S-400 Triumph air defense missile systems from Moscow amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The second squadron of the missile systems is a training squadron and consists only of simulators and other training equipment. According to defense sources, this squadron does not have missiles or launchers.

According to a report by news agency ANI, defense supplies from Moscow continue even after the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The Indian Defense Forces also recently received consignments of overhauled aircraft engines and spares. However, concerns remain as to whether this supply will continue as Russia is yet to find a settlement of payments.

According to the report, a defense source said that the defense forces have recently received consignments from Russia. So far there has been no interruption in the supply of our forces from Russia. However, the source said that due to restrictions imposed on the banks of these supply companies, the Indian side is not able to pay them. In such a situation, this supply will continue like this in future also, there is some concern about it.

Sources said that India and Russia are trying to find a solution to the issue. Several options are being considered for this. India is one of the largest consumers of Russian weapons. It purchases major defense products from Russia such as fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, helicopters, warships, tanks, war vehicles and submarines. India has not taken any side in this war.

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