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October 1, 2022



Conspiracy to riot in Ayodhya: The head of the Hindu warrior organization turned out to be the conspirator, mastermind Mahesh Mishra and seven accused arrested

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Objectionable poster, meat and religious book torn and thrown at a religious place. Mahesh is the head of the Hindu warrior organization, the main conspirator who committed the incident with 11 companions.

Seven people have been arrested by the police for conspiring to create a riot by throwing objectionable posters, meat and torn religious books at the religious place. Search is on for four people involved in the incident. The main accused Mahesh Mishra is the head of the Hindu warrior organization.

He along with 10 of his accomplices had hatched a conspiracy to riot by throwing objectionable objects on two mosques and one place on the road. The entire action of the accused was captured in the CCTVs installed in mosques and at various places in the city. The police has achieved great success by apprehending the accused within 24 hours of the incident. According to the police, the accused were angry with the Delhi incident.

IG Kavinder Pratap Singh said that on the night of 26-27 April, some anti-social elements put objectionable posters, meat and torn copies of religious books behind the city’s Kashmiri Mohalla, Tatshah, Ghosiana Ramnagar, Idgah Civil Line Mosque and Dargah Jail in the city. Tried to spread riots. During the investigation, the accused were identified in the investigation of CCTV installed at different places of the incident and the city.

The police team arrested seven of these accused from near the RTO office on Thursday morning. They were identified as Mahesh Kumar Mishra, Pratyush Srivastava, Nitin Kumar Gyanchandra Sindhi, Deepak Kumar Gaur, Brijesh Pandey, Shatrughan Prajapati and Vimal Pandey. All of them are residents of Ayodhya. Efforts are on to arrest the remaining four. Action is being taken against the accused under sections 295, 295A.

The head of the Hindu warrior organization turned out to be the conspirator
According to SSP Shailesh Pandey, the accused told during interrogation that Mahesh Mishra is its main conspirator. He along with 10 of his companions conspired in Brijesh Pandey’s house. Mahesh bought the flax, pamphlet Ashirwad Flax from Lalbaug. Pratyush Srivastava gave Mohd near Gudri Road Pass of Chowk. Bought two religious texts from Rafiq Book Store, Cap from Pammi Cap House Raja Gali Chowk.

Meat was provided by Akash from Lalbagh. All of them gathered at Verma Dhaba located at Naka at 10 pm on 26th April and after having food from there reached Brijesh Pandey’s house located near RTO office. Mahesh Mishra and Pratyush Srivastava wrote objectionable things on the flakes inside the house. After this, all four bikes reached Beniganj Tiraha via Devkali temple via Devkali bypass.

Where after seeing the PRV’s car, they could not do the incident at Beniganj Masjid and going to Kashmiri Mohalla Masjid via Parikrama Marg via Khurdabad, tearing religious texts and putting meat and objectionable pamphlets. After this, passing through the SSB school, passing through the Saket Printing Press, exiting the road behind the police station Kotwali Nagar, going to the Tatshah mosque in front of the Rajkaran school near the pass and doing the same thing in front of him.

After this, passing through the mint, passing through the window in front of Ali Beg to GIC, behind the jail to Gulab Shah Dargah, then through the back of the jail, in front of the post-mortem house, in front of SBI main branch, through Tehsil intersection, on the Idgah civil line and after that After crossing the railway crossing after passing through Tehsil intersection, in front of the post-mortem house, Ghosiana did a similar act at the Ramnagar mosque. After this, all of them again reached Brijesh Pandey’s house near RTO office via Kaushalpuri and went to their respective homes.

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