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October 1, 2022



Rahul seen in pub: Congress leader’s video goes viral, has gone to Nepal for his friend’s wedding, BJP raises questions

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According to ‘The Kathmandu Post’, Rahul Gandhi has come to Kathmandu to attend the wedding of his friend Sumnima Udas in Nepal.

A pub’s video of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on a Nepal visit is going viral. In this, he is seen partying in a pub. The BJP has surrounded the Congress leader regarding this video.

According to Nepali newspaper ‘The Kathmandu Post’, Rahul Gandhi has come to Kathmandu to attend the wedding of his friend Sumnima Udas in Nepal. Sumnima’s father Bhim Udas said that we had invited Rahul Gandhi to attend the daughter’s wedding. Bhim Udas has been the Ambassador of Nepal to Myanmar. His daughter Sumnima is a former CNN correspondent.

According to media reports, Rahul Gandhi had reached Kathmandu on Monday. Yesterday he attended the wedding ceremony of his friend Sumnima Das. The wedding will take place today and the reception will be held on May 5. Sumnima is getting married to Nima Martin Sherpa. In a video going viral on several social media platforms, Rahul is involved in a party with some people at a nightclub. People present around Rahul are drinking alcohol.

This video has gone viral at a time when the Congress is grappling with the leadership crisis. Recently, Prashant Kishor has also presented an action plan for a comprehensive transformation of the Congress. However, the plan to bring Prashant Kishor to the Congress has gone awry.

Congress is over but Rahul’s party will run like this: Shahzad Poonawalla
BJP has raised questions regarding Rahul’s viral video. Party spokesperson Shahzad Poonawalla said that what Rahul Gandhi is doing is his personal matter, but when violence is taking place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, there is a Congress government in Rajasthan, instead of expressing concern over it, Rajasthan is burning. Rahul Gandhi is seen partying in a nightclub in Nepal. He should be with the people of India to know about their problems. Poonawalla further said, Congress party is over, but Rahul Gandhi’s party will run like this, he is not serious in politics.


Rahul does more party and less work: Shahnawaz Hussain
BJP leader and Bihar minister Shahnawaz Hussain has said that although I have not seen the viral video of Rahul, he does party every day. No one can stop them in any way. There is no such rule in the constitution that anyone can be stopped from partying. Rahul does more for the party and does less for his party.

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