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October 1, 2022



The conspiracy to shake the country from across the border exposed: The location sent by Rinda, a terrorist living in Pakistan, was found in the terrorists’ phone.

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The landmine conspiracy to shake the country by creating a terrorist conspiracy from Pakistan across the border has been exposed once again. This nefarious conspiracy has been exposed from the mobile phones of the terrorists captured with the explosives. In fact, in the phone recovered from the terrorists, the location of Adilabad, sent by Pakistan-based terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda from the BIP app, has been found. Along with this, the recovery of a pistol made in Pakistan is also being told. This is the reason why Pakistan or its intelligence agency ISI is suspected to be involved in the conspiracy. The four terrorists who have been apprehended by the police are from Ferozepur and Ludhiana districts of Punjab state. It is believed that a conspiracy to shake India was being hatched from Pakistan in Ludhiana jail.

According to the information received by the police, Rajbir was already in Ludhiana jail, which has been part of Harvinder Singh Rinda’s terrorist network for a long time. After this, when Gurpreet Singh reached the jail, he also joined him and after believing Gurpreet Singh, Rajbir contacted Harvinder Singh Rinda through the app. After this Gurpreet first joined his real brother Amandeep, then Parvindra and Bhupendra.

Sources reveal that Harvinder Singh Rinda’s network can be spread not only in Ludhiana district but also in other parts of Punjab. It may be noted that Firozpur district of Punjab state is adjacent to the Pakistan border. This is the reason that with great ease, explosive materials, weapons, drugs etc. are being sent here through drones.

It is said that the Innova car of the terrorists from Firozpur moved around 10 pm with explosives. Via Ludhiana, Ambala, Kurukshetra, these terrorists crossed Karnal city at night and reached Bastara toll plaza at four in the morning. Had he not been caught, he would have entered Delhi at six in the morning.

The police have currently found the location of Adilabad in the mobile phones of the terrorists, due to which it is being speculated that these people were going to Adilabad with explosive material. Adilabad (Telangana) to Nanded (Maharashtra) is just 198 kms by car, which can be covered in four to four and half hours. Nanded is the place where Harvinder Singh Rinda made his hideout after leaving Punjab. Even though the police has not disclosed yet, but intelligence sources tell that they had plans to blast in Adilabad and Nanded. At present, this conspiracy has been exposed by the Karnal Police without any noise by arresting the four terrorists.

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