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October 1, 2022



Crisis: Once again the demand for electricity increased in Punjab, the closed unit of Ropar starts working.

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The maximum demand was 9067 MW, against this the power supply was 3932 MW. Due to the closure of four units, 1350 MW of power came to a standstill.

Punjab is witnessing an increase in the demand of electricity as the weather turns once again. On Friday, the maximum demand of electricity in the state was 9067 MW. In such a situation, to meet the increasing demand, Powercom started a closed unit of its Ropar plant.

However, one unit each of Ropar, Lehra Mohabbat, Talwandi Sabo and Goindwal is still lying closed. Due to which there is power shortage in Punjab. On the other hand, the problem of coal in thermals also persists. Five days of coal are left in Ropar Thermal Plant, two in Lehra Mohabbat, six in Talwandi Sabo, 20 in Rajpura and two days in Goindwal in Punjab.

As the heat rises once again in Punjab, the maximum demand for electricity was recorded at 9067 MW on Friday, while the maximum demand was recorded on Thursday at 8537 MW. At the same time, on Wednesday, after hailstorm accompanied by heavy rains in various cities of Punjab, the demand fell to seven thousand MW.

In such a situation, in view of the increase in the demand of electricity, Powercom on Friday commissioned a unit of 210 MW of its Ropar plant. But due to the closure of four units of Lehra, Talwandi Sabo and Goindwal including the Ropar plant, the supply of 1350 MW electricity was stalled on Friday. Due to this, powercom had 3,932 MW of electricity available against the demand. Out of this, Powercom got 1124 MW from its Ropar and Lehra units.

On the other hand, 2400 MW was received from private thermals and 357 MW from hydel, 68 MW from non-solar projects and other sources. In such a situation, due to less supply than demand, there was a shortage of 5135 MW power. To accomplish this, PowerCom took 4100 MW of power from outside. But still there was a shortage of 1035 MW power. Due to which there were cuts of up to two to three hours in the villages.

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