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October 1, 2022



Gangster’s conspiracy: Now Babbar Khalsa is bringing forward new faces in Punjab, throwing a loop on the youth

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New move of terrorist organization’s leader Wadhwa Singh and ISI. The greed being given to the youth, the organization is trying to carry out the crime.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has now revived Babbar Khalsa after the Indian Sikh Youth Federation’s network collapsed. Babbar Khalsa has also changed his working style so that he can throw dust in the eyes of Indian security agencies.

Wadhwa Singh, the chief of the dangerous terrorist organization Babbar Khalsa sitting in Pakistan, has started increasing activism in Punjab by promoting new faces and for this youth is being lured.

Indian security and intelligence agencies are concerned that the Babbar Khalsa terrorist organization is trying to carry out major incidents and the past is a testimony to the fact that Babbar Khalsa has been behind the big incidents in Punjab. This time Wadhwa Singh Babbar Khalsa International, which has close ties with Pakistan’s military and its intelligence agencies.

Babbar Khalsa’s deputy chief Mehal Singh and 20 other terrorists are also hiding in Pakistan. Harvinder Rinda has also gone and met with them. According to highly placed sources of the Indian Intelligence Agency, Babbar Khalsa has been trained by the notorious Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists.

Not only this, Wadhwa Singh also has links with India’s most wanted terrorist don Dawood Ibrahim and both are supporting each other in many illegal activities. Babbar Khalsa chief Wadhwa Singh has been living in Pakistan for a long time and this is the reason why Pakistan’s intelligence agency has been trusting him more.

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