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October 1, 2022



Haryana: Intelligence, Special Cell, ATS teams of four states reached Karnal, interrogation of terrorists for several hours

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The police took the main terrorist Gurpreet to Ferozepur where it was traced where the terrorists used to get assignments through drones and where they kept them hidden.

Teams of Intelligence, Special Cell and ATS from four states reached Karnal on Sunday and interrogated the arrested terrorists for several hours. These include the intelligence of Punjab, Telangana. He gathered information from different terrorists at different times that where they have kept the explosive material and with which people these terrorists have links in their state.

Apart from this, the ATS team of Maharashtra also reached Karnal, because these terrorists have already supplied explosive material in Nanded, Maharashtra. The concern of Maharashtra Police is increasing that after all, where did these terrorists take that explosive material, which area of ​​Maharashtra is ready to be shaken with it.

Earlier on Saturday also, the ATS team of Punjab has interrogated the terrorists. On the other hand, the main terrorist Gurpreet was taken by the team of CIA One from Karnal to Ferozepur in Punjab, where the police made a mark as to where the terrorists used to get assignments through drones, where they kept them hidden.

Delhi’s special cell is also investigating
Sources say that in this case the team of Special Cell of Delhi along with the police is engaged in the investigation. The Special Cell team also reached Karnal on Sunday to interrogate the terrorists. He interrogated the terrorists. It is being told that terrorists used to stay in Delhi while supplying explosives. Due to this, Delhi Police is collecting information about who is associated with these terrorists in Delhi.

Several teams from Delhi, Maharashtra, Telangana are continuously interrogating the arrested terrorists. All possible help is being provided by the district police. – Gangaram Poonia, SP Karnal

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