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October 1, 2022



CCTV footage of Mohali attack: Rocket was fired from moving car, input was received from pizza delivery boy

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A rocket propelled grenade was attacked on the office of the Intelligence Department of Punjab Police at around 8.45 pm on Monday evening. After this attack, a high alert was issued in the whole of Punjab.

The first CCTV footage of the attack on the Intelligence Headquarters of Punjab Police in Sector-77, Mohali has come to light. It is seen in this footage that the rocket was fired from the moving car itself. The attack was carried out in a white colored Swift car. Earlier on Wednesday morning, the Faridkot police arrested Nishan Singh, a resident of village Kulla in Tarn Taran district, in the Mohali blast. The accused has been handed over to the Mohali police.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that accused Nishan has a relationship with Harvinder Rinda, a terrorist sitting in Pakistan. Evidence of conversation with him has also come to the fore. At the same time, the relatives of the accused are refusing to say anything, but they definitely said that the mark was missing for three days.

The input of the car was received from the pizza delivery boy
The layers of the attack on the Intelligence Headquarters of Punjab Police are now opening up. According to sources, a meeting of high officials was held in this office just before the attack. After this pizza was ordered by an employee. The delivery boy came to deliver pizza at 7.40 pm on Monday evening. As soon as he started going inside the building with the pizza, there was an explosion. Simultaneously, the bright light spread throughout the area. The person carrying the pizza felt that there was a blast in the AC. But when the staff reached the room, the grenade was lying there. Pizza Boy has been questioned regarding the incident. He told the police that when he was coming to deliver pizza, he saw a car passing by.

RPG is used for the first time
The attack on the headquarters of the Intelligence Wing of Punjab Police in Mohali has shocked the national intelligence agencies besides Punjab. The special thing for the national intelligence agencies in this attack is that for the first time the attackers have used RPG i.e. Rocket Propelled Grenade (Grenade fired by rocket). This weapon was not used even during the period of terrorism in Punjab and this weapon did not come to the fore during terrorist attacks from Pakistan to India including Mumbai in other states. However, this weapon has been used by terrorists during attacks near homes in Jammu and Kashmir. Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have recovered RPGs from the slain terrorists and found evidence of its use. Currently, this weapon is used by terrorists in Afghanistan along the Pak-Afghan border.

The police have also recovered the launcher from which the rocket propelled grenade (RPG) was fired. The launcher is said to be made in China. Punjab Police DGP VK Bhavra said that Trinitrotoluene (TNT) explosives were used in the RPG. It has been commonly used during the terrorist attack in Srinagar.

Terrorist Rinda connection
The strings of Mohali attack are being linked to Harvinder Singh Rinda, a terrorist sitting in the neighboring country of Pakistan. The police have got many important clues in this regard in the investigation. The attack took place at the behest of terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda. According to preliminary information, Punjab Police and intelligence agencies have found strong evidence that Rinda used two of her local handlers. Its main objective is to spread unrest in the state. Harvinder Singh Rinda is the same terrorist on whose behest the arms were supplied to Punjab through drones from Pakistan.

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