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October 1, 2022



Amritsar: Massive fire broke out in Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, patients were evacuated.

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The fire brigade vehicles reached the spot as soon as the information about the fire broke out. There has been no casualty in the accident. The hospital management and the fire brigade staff after a lot of efforts rescued the patients from there.

A sudden fire broke out on Saturday afternoon on the back side of the OPD of Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar. This fire, which started after the leakage in the transformer, was so terrible that its flames were visible from a long distance. Shortly after this, all the wards of the hospital were filled with smoke and it was difficult for the patients to breathe. The hospital management and fire brigade staff after a lot of efforts got the patients out safely. Cabinet Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO, MLA Dr. Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh and Dr. Ajay Gupta reached the spot as soon as the information about the fire broke out in the hospital. With the help of six fire brigade vehicles that reached the spot, 36 firefighters brought the fire under control after a two-hour effort.

According to the information, a big fire broke out in a large transformer in the back of the OPD building of Guru Nanak Dev Hospital at around 2 pm on Saturday. This caused a stir in the hospital premises and it took a terrible form within minutes after the transformer caught fire. The flames started touching the sky. Suddenly, smoke filled all the wards of the hospital and patients and others started having trouble breathing.

As soon as the information was received, the officials of the hospital management reached the spot. By then the students had removed the vehicles near the transformer. The hospital staff removed the patients and their attendants from the ward located on the second floor of the building behind the OPD. No casualties have been reported during this period. Eyewitnesses say that if the vehicles were not removed from there on time, it could have caused a big explosion and many lives could have been lost.

Immediately after getting information about the arson, Cabinet Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO, MLA Dr. Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh and MLA Dr. Ajay Gupta also reached the spot. While the cabinet minister met the hospital management, he also inquired about the condition of the patients affected by it. Hospital’s administrative officer Dr. Rakesh Sharma told that the fire had started in the transformer, which was brought under control by the fire brigade personnel. The patients of the nearest ward were shifted safely. He said that an inquiry would be conducted in the matter.

CM Mann expressed grief
CM Bhagwant Mann expressed grief over the incident by tweeting. He said that news of the unfortunate incident of fire at Guru Nanak Hospital in Sri Amritsar Sahib was received. Firefighters are quickly controlling the situation. No life was lost due to the grace of God. Minister Harbhajan Singh has reached the spot…I am continuously monitoring the relief work.

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