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October 1, 2022



Two Youths Sought Protection From The High Court Citing Threat To Their Lives From Punjab Police

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The petitioner has alleged to implicate innocent police officers by taking his signature on a blank paper. They say that the SSP has used us to take out enmity with the SP (PBI). The High Court said that the matter is very serious.

Punjab Police has been in the headlines for some time now, another such case has now reached the Punjab-Haryana High Court. While filing a petition in the High Court, two youths told that they were made to sign on blank papers and later on the basis of these, an FIR was lodged against the SP Punjab Bureau of Investigation (PBI). Considering the matter serious, the High Court has ordered the Chandigarh Administration to send both the petitioners to the Protection Home.

Filing the petition, Sangrur residents Hasandeep Singh and Kripal Singh told that a woman had died due to fire. In this case, a case of attempt to murder was registered on the complaint of the woman. Later the woman was killed, after which a case of murder was registered in place of the sections of attempt to murder.

A separate investigation was conducted on the request of the in-laws of the woman and SP (PBI) Karanvir Singh found the in-laws innocent in his investigation. After this, the government changed in March 2022 and new SSPs came in Sangrur. The new SSP had enmity with the SP (PBI). The petitioners were used to extract the enmity.

The petitioner was the relative of the in-laws of the woman who died in the fire. In such a situation, the petitioners were called to the CIA Staff Police Station. During this, both were physically and mentally tortured. During this, his signatures were also taken on some blank pages. On May 9, the petitioners came to know that with the help of those papers, FIR has been registered against SP (PBI) Karanvir under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

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