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November 30, 2022



Organized a panel talk on the occasion of Buddha Purnima.

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Today Jalandhar Literary Forum organized a panel talk on the special occasion of Buddha Purnima in which Rakesh Shantidoot Senior Journalist, Parminder Singh Wig Advocate, Navjot Singh Advocate, all the office bearers of the Forum discussed the life and Dhamma of Gautam Buddha. The panel pointed out that Buddha Purnima is a special day that marks the birth of Prince Buddha, the enlightenment of Prince Siddhartha at Bodh Gaya and the Buddha’s great nirvana at Kushinagar. Rakesh Shantidoot apprised about the different school of Buddhism and its presence in different countries. Parminder Singh talked about the relevance of Buddha and his Dhamma in the present world and further said that the Constitution of India is inspired by Buddhism.

Vig also analyzed the reasons for the extinction of Buddhism from India, Navjot Singh referred to the text of various books and pointed out that Buddhism does not place much emphasis on God and that Buddhism has no reference to any celestial body. It is a path in which the mind is identified at the center of everything. The mind is the leader in shaping things.

Good and bad are born from the mind. The purification of the mind is the most essential element of the Buddha’s Dhamma.
Avoid sinful deeds, this will increase happiness in life. Religion is in practical observation, not in books. The talk was broadcast on the Facebook Book Rack group page of the Jalandhar Literary Forum. Tejinder Pal Singh Bablu, joint secretary of the forum, was the program director of the talks. Tejinder Pal further informed that the Forum will hold more talks during the summer vacations from June 1.

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