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November 30, 2022



People gathered from all over Punjab in the Janata Darbar program of Bhagwant Mann, the Chief Minister could not meet most, there was a lot of uproar

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During the Janata Darbar program of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann in Chandigarh, there was a ruckus on Monday. People were not allowed to meet the Chief Minister. After reading Bhagwant Mann’s message on Facebook and Internet media, people reached Punjab Bhawan in Chandigarh to apprise the Chief Minister about their problems.

When people reached Chandigarh, they were not allowed inside. People meeting the Chief Minister have been told that his name is not in the list. People alleged that no one knows where the list was made. To meet the Chief Minister, officials of different employees’ organizations demanding employment, Panchayat members of villages of different districts, people suffering from family, departmental problems had reached.

These people could not meet the Chief Minister. During this, people also raised slogans against the government in front of Punjab Bhawan. However, later some people were allowed to meet the Chief Minister.

The government snatched the land and made us unemployed

Tarsem Singh, Tejinder Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Varinder Singh, Parvinder Singh of village Chhadjikalan of district Fatehgarh Sahib said that there is a dispute over 417 acres of Shamlat land. Our elders were cultivating this land since 1904, but now the government has snatched the land from us. There is no government job, no employment is not available.

He said that the government snatched the land and made us unemployed. We did not even know about this Janata Darbar. Saw the message on Facebook in the morning and went out to meet the Chief Minister, but we are not being allowed to meet here. What kind of public court is this?

Vedprakash, Ashok Kumar, who came from village Chandpur in district Mohali, said that he too has a dispute over the 86-acre Shamlat land, which is occupied by a Congress leader. Complaints have been made from BDPO to most about it, but no hearing is being done.

Officials of Education Provider Employees Union said that the government is fooling the people. Nothing is being done to make sure the 13000 employees are being photographed with the employees before the elections. The government is cheating the employees.

Gurpreet Singh Guri, Harpreet Kaur said that on April 27, they also met the Chief Minister’s mother regarding the demand of jobs, but no solution is being found. Fire brigade employees said that 750 employees are working in the state, who are being paid a salary of Rs 9500. Our demand is that the salary should be made 20 thousand rupees.

He said that their jobs should be confirmed, but the employees are not being allowed to meet the Chief Minister. Karan Sharma of Patwari Union, Ashok said that 26 thousand jobs are being taken out by the government, but 1152 patwaris who came out in the Congress government are not being recruited. The government is only working for show.

Satish Kumar, who came from Mandi Gobindgarh, told that his wife used to do a government job in Saroj Municipality, but had to leave due to some problems. Have come to meet the Chief Minister regarding this. Got information about this from Facebook.

Avtar Singh Rojwal, who came from Samrala, said that he is having a dispute over his loan. He has also raised this issue with the previous Congress government, but no solution was found. Regarding this issue and came to meet the Chief Minister. Apart from this, people came to meet the Chief Minister regarding family problems, illegal occupations, problems in departments.

Not getting NPA even after 10 years of victory in courts

It is being told that only 200 people were invited by the government in the Janata Darbar program, but considering the Chief Minister’s program on the Internet media, people came here from different places and the police took them outside Punjab Bhawan. stopped.

Dr Raghunath, who won the court battle for the last 10 years, said that the Fifth Pay Commission implemented in 2006 has been given to the doctors, but the non-practice allowance as per the commission’s report is not being given to the doctors.

He said that we have put the content in the High Court also, but despite meeting the Health Minister and various officials, about 70 doctors who retired from 2006 to 2011 are not being given NPA.

He said that the age of all the doctors is now between 70 and 75 years. The Chief Minister had invited public to hear complaints on internet media today, but now we are not being allowed inside.

An elderly man from Kharar tehsil told that his brother was martyred in the 1962 war, then the government decided to give him 10 acres of land in Syada village, but till date he has not got this land. Whenever he goes to meet the deputy commissioner or the finance commissioner of revenue, he is told that his file has been lost.

Shingara Singh, president of Freedom Fighter Association, who came from village Hargana in Khamano tehsil, said that the Shamlat land of the village, on which he was authorized to cultivate, has been occupied. Now no one is listening to them. Said that he also gave memorandums to different Chief Ministers many times, even today he had come here to give memorandum, but the policemen are not allowing him to enter.

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