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November 30, 2022



Hoshiarpur News: NDRF rescues a child who fell in a 300-feet deep borewell, dies in hospital

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According to the people around, an iron lid was also mounted on the pipe, which may have been taken by someone. As soon as the information was received, the Gaddiwala Police and the people of the area reached the spot.

On Sunday, a six-year-old child of a laborer, a native of Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, died after a 300-feet deep borewell fell in Bairampur Khyala village of Ferozepur district of Punjab. During this the rescue operation lasted for about eight hours but the child’s life could not be saved. The accident happened around 10 am when the child climbed the pipe of a tubewell about eight inches wide in the field to escape from an abandoned dog and lost his balance and fell into the bowl.

Due to the narrow pipe, the child got trapped after going down about 100 feet. An NDRF team was called to rescue him, who after a hard struggle took the child out at around 6 pm. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. According to the information, Rajendra Kumar, resident of Sheikhupura Khas, District Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh is currently living in a slum in village Dhuriyan.

On Sunday, he was working in the fields with his family in village Bairampur Khyala and their children were playing nearby. During this, an unclaimed dog ran after Hrithik Roshan, the six-year-old son of Rajindra Kumar, to escape from the dog, Hrithik Roshan climbed the pipe of a borewell about three feet above the ground in the nearby field. During this, the child could not keep up due to fear of dog bite and fell into the pipe of 300 feet deep borewell covered with sack. The accompanying children informed the parents of Hrithik Roshan about the accident.

Upon receiving the news of the child falling into the borewell, people from villages Bairampur and Khyala as well as nearby villages rushed to the spot to rescue the child. Everyone started trying their own way to save this child. After this NDRF was also informed. A team of doctors was also called on the spot.

To keep the child trapped in the borewell alive, Baba Deep Singh Sevadal and the head of Welfare Society Manjot Singh Talwandi along with their entire team arrived with oxygen cylinders and delivered oxygen to the child through the pipe. The child was trapped in the pipe at a depth of about 100 feet. After a lot of effort, at around 6 pm, the NDRF team pulled the child out by putting a noose in his hand with the help of a pipe and rope. The child, who was unconscious at that time, was immediately brought to the Civil Hospital Hoshiarpur through an ambulance, where doctors declared him dead. DC Sandeep Hans said that the child died of suffocation and the government would give financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh to his family.

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