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November 30, 2022



Yasin Malik: Yasin Malik sentenced to life imprisonment in terror funding case, terror attack alert in Delhi-NCR

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Yasin Malik Terror Funding Case: Yasin had told the court on May 10 that he would no longer face the terror act, terror funding, terrorist acts, sedition, fraud cases against him. The court has sentenced separatist leader Yasin Malik to life imprisonment. After this decision, security forces have been put on alert in Kashmir as well as in Jammu division.

While providing relief to Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik, convicted in the terror funding case, the court has sentenced double life imprisonment. The court rejected the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) demand for capital punishment for Malik. Special Judge Praveen Singh at Patiala House, in his judgment delivered after 6 pm in a packed court, sentenced Yasin to life imprisonment in two sections, 10 years in one and five years in one and also imposed a fine on him. All the sentences will run concurrently as per the court’s decision. The court, in its judgment, said that the convict himself has confessed to his crime and there is no ground for awarding him capital punishment.

NIA seeks death penalty
The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has demanded capital punishment for Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik. The agency’s counsel said that the convict was involved in carrying out terrorist incidents in Kashmir and played an important role in funding the terrorists. The objective of these people was to separate Kashmir from India. He said that money used to come from Pakistan and this money was spent on those indulging in terrorist activities and collaborating with them so that the atmosphere of Kashmir could be spoiled. This is a case of treason, so it is necessary to give him the death penalty so that others can get a lesson. Yasin Malik was convicted by a special court last week in the terror funding case. At the same time, an amicus curiae appointed by the court to assist Malik demanded life imprisonment. He said that Malik himself has confessed to his crime and he should be sympathised.

Malik said no evidence
On the other hand, the attitude of Malik, who confessed to the crime, had changed today. Malik told the court that he would withdraw from politics if intelligence agencies provide evidence of his involvement in terrorist activities. Malik also said that he has worked with seven prime ministers and told the judge that he was leaving it to the court to decide the quantum of the sentence. Malik said that there is no evidence against him, if he was a terrorist then why would the Prime Minister of the country hold a meeting with him. He never resorted to violence. He has a long political career.

Earlier on May 19, Special Judge Praveen Singh had convicted Malik and directed NIA officials to assess his financial position to determine the amount of fine to be imposed. The court had also directed Malik to submit an affidavit regarding his financial assets by the next date of hearing.

Malik had told the court that he was not contesting the charges leveled against him, which included sections 16 (terrorism act), 17 (raising funds for terrorist act), 18 (conspiracy to commit terrorist act) and 20 (terrorist act). Being a member of a gang). or organization) under section 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of UAPA and section 124-A (sedition) of IPC.
The court had earlier ordered Farooq Ahmed Dar alias Bitta Karate, Shabir Shah, Masarat Alam, Mohammad Yusuf Shah, Aftab Ahmed Shah, Altaf Ahmed Shah, Naeem Khan, Mohammad Akbar Khande, Raja Mehrajuddin Kalwal, Bashir Ahmed Bhat, Zahoor Ahmed Shah Watali, Shabbir Charges were formally framed against Kashmiri separatist leaders including Ahmed Shah, Abdul Rashid Sheikh and Naval Kishore Kapoor. The chargesheet was also filed against Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) chief Hafiz Saeed and Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin, who have been declared absconders in the case. Malik has been in Delhi’s high-security Tihar Jail since 2019.

Actually, there were serious charges against Yasin Malik under the UAPA Act in 2017 like involvement in terrorist acts, collecting money for terror, being a member of a terrorist organization, which he said not to challenge and accepted these charges. . This matter is related to the case related to terrorism in the Kashmir Valley.

In the year 2017, there was a great increase in terrorist incidents in the Kashmir Valley. Terrorist conspiracies were being hatched continuously to spoil the atmosphere of the valley and incidents were being carried out. In the same case, a special court in Delhi held a hearing against the separatist leader, in which Yasin confessed his crime.

Tight security…
In view of the determination of the sentence of Yasin Malik, the Patiala House Court was shifted to the cantonment in the morning itself. Every person who came to the court was thoroughly searched and every place was also searched. The campers were thrown out.

Bunch of cameras
In view of the importance of the terrorist incidents in Kashmir and the importance of the case, there was a gathering of media persons for the coverage of the verdict. Everyone was ready for every moment’s information. The court fixed the verdict at 3.30 pm after the completion of the arguments at around one o’clock. After this it was fixed at 4 o’clock again at 5 o’clock, finally at 5.30 o’clock, Malik was brought to the court from the lockup and the court gave its verdict.

The fear on Malik’s face
When Malik was brought to the court in the morning, he looked normal. He probably hoped that he would be with her when he confessed to the crime.

There will be sympathy. When the NIA demanded the death penalty and argued vigorously, fear began to appear on Malik’s face, panic was clearly visible on his face. In the evening, when he was brought back to the court at the time of sentencing, Malik cited ill-health. He was given a chair to sit in the court. There was some relief on Yasin’s face after being sentenced to life imprisonment by the court.

There may be a big terrorist attack in Delhi-NCR
There can be a big terrorist attack in Delhi-NCR. Terrorists can target crowded places and markets. Terrorists can use two wheelers in the crime. After the conviction of separatist leader Yasin Malik, security agencies have issued a serious alert on Wednesday evening. After this alert, other units of Delhi Police including Special Cell of Delhi Police have become alert. A senior Delhi Police official said that intelligence agencies have also issued an alert regarding Srinagar.

A senior official of the Special Cell said that security agencies have issued a big alert after separatist leader Yasin Malik was awarded life sentence. An alert has been issued by the country’s intelligence department. A senior official said that about six to seven alerts have been received by the Delhi Police apart from sensitive alert security agencies. In these alerts, there has been talk of terrorist attack in Delhi-NCR in protest against the punishment of Yasin Malik. It is being told that since the day Yasin Malik was convicted, Delhi Police and security agencies have kept on alert.

Another senior police officer said that in protest against the conviction of Yasin Malik, his supporters and heads of terrorist organizations close to him are plotting terror attacks from across the border in Delhi-NCR. The border in Delhi has been tightened after receiving inputs about the terror attack. Security has been increased in Delhi in crowded and markets. Security has also been increased in all courts. Checking has been started by putting barricades at various places in the capital. Terrorist organizations are shocked by Malik’s punishment.

No place for violence in Mahatma Gandhi’s doctrine
NIA Judge Praveen Singh said that it should be noted that when Yasin claimed to have given up the path of violence after the year 1994. The Government of India gave him an opportunity to reform. Gave the platform (as Yasin admitted) to have a meaningful conversation with Yasin. The court observed that it should be noted here that the criminal cannot invoke the Mahatma and claim to be his follower because, in Mahatma Gandhi’s doctrine, there is no place for violence, however high the aim. The court further observed that the offenses for which Malik was convicted were of very serious nature. The motive behind these crimes was the forceful separation of Jammu and Kashmir. This crime becomes more serious as it was done with the help of foreign powers.

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