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November 30, 2022



Pakistan: Petrol-diesel became costlier by Rs 30 per liter, Imran praised India again

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Finance Minister Mifta Ismail said that the government has decided to increase the prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene by Rs 30 with effect from May 27.

In the neighboring country of Pakistan, the prices of petrol and diesel also increased as soon as the clock struck 12 o’clock on Thursday night. Along with this, the prices of kerosene oil have also increased. According to media reports, petrol and diesel have become costlier by Rs 30 per liter in Pakistan. In such a situation, one liter of petrol is being sold here for Rs 179.86.

There is already an outcry from inflation in Pakistan, now after the rise in the prices of petrol and diesel, a big impact can be seen in the prices of daily things. If reports are to be believed, this decision has been taken after Pakistan’s talks with the IMF failed.

Finance Minister has announced
The International Monetary Fund had asked Finance Minister Mifta Ismail to end subsidies on goods. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked Pakistan in clear words on Wednesday that if it needs aid, then it should immediately withdraw the subsidy being given on oil. After this, Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ismal had said in a tweet that the government has decided to increase the prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene (kerosene) and light diesel by Rs 30 with effect from May 27.

According to the data released by the local media, now the prices of diesel petrol in Pakistan will be like this.
New Prices in Pakistan (Per Ltr)

Imran praises India
At the same time, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has attacked the current government. Praising India, Imran wrote on Twitter that the country is starting to pay the price for the subordination of imported government to foreign masters with a hike of Rs 30 per liter in petrol and diesel prices. This is the largest increase ever in history. The incompetent and insensitive government has not pursued our deal for 30 per cent cheaper oil from Russia.
Imran further wrote, on the contrary, India, which is a strategic ally of America, has managed to reduce fuel prices by Rs 25 per liter by buying cheaper oil from Russia. Now our country will suffer another heavy loss.

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