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November 30, 2022



Patiala: 6.66 crore scam in compensation of panchayat lands, two panchayat secretaries, one JE, 10 firms and four people nominated

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The villagers had complained about the development works of the panchayats. The villagers had alleged that the officers and employees of the Panchayati Department had not got the development work done properly. After this, this scam has been revealed in the investigation.

In Patiala’s five villages Akri, Sehra, Sehri, Takhtumajra and Pabra, a case of fraud of Rs 6.66 crore has come to the fore in the compensation received for Panchayati land. Compensation was received in lieu of acquiring a total of 1103 acres, 3 kanals, 15 marlas of land under the Amritsar-Kolkata Dedicated Corridor Project. This scam has happened under the guise of spending this amount on the development of villages.

The Vigilance Bureau has also named sarpanches and eight panches of village Aakdi and village Sehri, 10 firms and four people supplying goods and laborers for development works in these villages. Among the accused are Harjit Kaur Sarpanch village Akdi, Charanjit Kaur Panch, Avtar Singh Panch, Sukhwinder Singh Panch, Darshan Singh Panch, Kulwinder Kaur Panch, Jaswinder Singh Panchayat Secretary Office BDPO Shambhu, Manjit Singh Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat village Sehri, Jatinder Rani Panch, Lakhveer Singh Panch, Pawandeep Kaur Panch, Lakhminder Singh Panchayat Secretary and Dharmendra Kumar Assistant Engineer Panchayati Raj Office BDPO Shambhu.

Apart from this Firm Dinesh Kumar Bansal Contractor Bassi Pathana District Fatehgarh Sahib, Firm Gill Trading Company Patiala, Firm Falcon Enterprises Mohali, Firm Innovation Solution Patiala, Firm Bhole Nath Building Village Upalheri Rajpura, Firm Varun Singla Contractor and Supplier Bassi Pathana District Fatehgarh Sahib, Firm RB Building Materials Patiala, Firm SSDN Building Materials Patiala, Firm Bimal Construction Sarai Banjara District Patiala, Owner of Firm Chopra Public House including Kuldeep Singh resident Rajpura, Inderjit Gir resident Rajpura, Jugnu Kumar resident Rajpura and Sukhwinder Gir resident Rajpura, District Patiala also has been nominated.

5 Panchayats got Rs 285,15,84,554
A spokesperson of the Vigilance Bureau said that under the Amritsar-Kolkata Detified Freight Corridor project, PUDA had acquired a total of 1103 acres, 3 kanals, 15 marla of land in the above five villages. In lieu of this, compensation of Rs 285,15,84,554 was given to the panchayats of village Akdi, village Sehra, village Sehri, village Takhtumajra and village Pabra. Apart from this, the tenants of this land got an allowance of Rs 97,80,69,375 at the rate of Rs 9 lakh per acre.

Villagers had given complaints related to development works
Complaints were made by the villagers regarding the development works done by the panchayats. It was alleged that the officers/employees of Panchayati Department have not got the development work done properly. After this, these works were checked by the technical team. During this period, there were huge shortcomings in the development works. The investigation revealed that the panchayat of village Aakri and village Sehri had cheated crores of rupees by paying huge amounts without getting the work done. Based on this report, a case has been registered against the responsible Sarpanches, Panchs and other accused of the said Gov.

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