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November 30, 2022



Question on National Achievement Survey: Punjab Education Minister said – these are fake figures, the ground reality is completely different

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The Education Minister of Punjab said that after attending different meetings of the department, he came to know that till now the teachers of the schools were being pressurized to play with the baseline assessment.

Punjab Education Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hair has raised questions on the National Achievement Survey. As a leader, he has termed the survey figures as fake and said that the ground reality is quite the opposite. He said that he deserves teachers and students congratulations for Punjab’s first position in the national survey, but as education minister he has objections to some of the survey figures.

Sharing his experience after taking over the education department in the new government, Hare said that Punjab has so far done more in the game of increasing numbers than in good education. After participating in different meetings of the department, he came to know that till now the teachers of the schools were under pressure to play with the baseline assessment. The Education Minister said that during the inspection of the schools, some such students were found who can read only one line of the book, but they have got more than 60 percent marks. Although the government does not have any authentic report on the ground reality of schools yet, but soon the reality will be known. Meet Heyer has said that it would not be correct to say that teachers are not making efforts to improve the schools in the state. In some schools, teachers are operating at their own level. He is even cleaning the school premises himself. We also have some good examples of schools, but even then there is a need for major reforms in the field of education.

Only 3656 schools were evaluated in the survey
There are about 19500 schools in Punjab. In the recently released National Achievement Survey, only 3656 schools in Punjab were evaluated. This survey process also raises many questions. State President of Democratic Teachers Front Vikram Dev Singh has declared that at least 15,000 posts out of 29,941 posts of ETT teachers are vacant. In such a situation, questions are bound to arise on the data of the survey.

No recruitment made
The situation in the middle and high schools of Punjab is also very bad. No special recruitment was done for the pre-primary classes started by the previous government. In such a situation, it is very important to take many important decisions for the improvement of education in Punjab on a large scale.

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