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November 30, 2022



Raid on Drug Smugglers: 600 personnel of Punjab Police surrounded Ganna village at 5 am, raided 36 houses simultaneously

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In this operation of Punjab Police, 92 kg of poppy poppy, 60 grams of heroin, 260 liters of illicit country liquor, drug money worth Rs 5 lakh and gold jewelery have been recovered. Apart from this, the police have arrested six people.

Waging a war against drugs, 600 employees of Punjab Police surrounded Ganna village near Phillaur at 5 am on Sunday. No one came out and entered the houses of Ganna village on the border of Phillaur and Ludhiana in Jalandhar, which the police had identified for intoxicants. The village, notorious for drug trafficking, has about 550 houses. Drugs are sold in about 200 houses.

Around 300 FIRs are registered against the residents of this village under the NDPS Act. The sale of illicit liquor is also in full swing in the village. SSP Jalandhar Swapna Sharma, who is leading the operation, said the entire operation was planned and kept secret for a week. He said that 60 teams of 10 police personnel each were formed. The STF wing of Jalandhar district was also a part of each team.

On Sunday morning, the police raided the village. About 600 jawans and police officers laid siege to the village and searched every house by blocking all the roads. During this, the police have also seized drug money worth lakhs of rupees along with a huge quantity of chitta and other intoxicants. The police identified 36 houses during the operation. During the search operation, a total of 92 kg poppy poppy, 60 grams heroin, 260 liters of illicit country liquor, drug money worth Rs 5 lakh and gold jewelery were recovered. Six people have been arrested and five cases have been registered against them under the NDPS Act and the Excise Act.

This is the same village from where drugs were supplied to the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Police Academy. Chitta is supplied to other places including Jalandhar from this village situated on the border of Ludhiana in Phillaur on the bank of Sutlej.

Chitta was being sold packed in tobacco casks at the grocery store
When the police started action in the morning, every house and every shop in the village were searched. Police recovered chitta and other intoxicants from grocery shops. As no one could know, Chitta was being sold in shops packed in tobacco puddings. Apart from this, a huge quantity of intoxicants besides Bhukki have also been recovered from the houses. A woman has been caught in a house who herself told that her house was visited by truck drivers, to whom she sells Bhukki Pudiya. Drug money worth lakhs of rupees has also been found from the woman’s house. The village was made a cantonment by the police in the morning and every visitor was searched. Those who said they are late for office were also released after thorough investigation. The police thoroughly searched the vehicle’s diggi, stepney, purse, office bag etc.

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