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November 30, 2022



Punjab: State government returns security to 40 VIPs, seeks answers from those recommending reduction in security

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The killing of famous singer Sidhu Musewala after security was cut led to widespread criticism of the government. CM Bhagwant Mann has sought answers from those recommending reduction in security.

Facing widespread criticism for the killing of famous singer Sidhu Musewala a day after the security was downgraded, the Punjab government on Wednesday rolled back the security cover of 40 VIPs. However, this time while returning the security cover, the government has taken the precaution that the name of any VIP has not been made public.

Last week on Saturday, the Punjab government had downgraded the security of 424 people. Their names were also made public. After this, famous singer and Congress leader Sidhu Musewala was assassinated on Sunday. Now the state government has brought back the security cover of 40 people.

According to sources, the government has now decided to review the threat posed by each VIP who has secured the security cover on a monthly basis. It has also been decided that all the VIPs in the state who are demanding security citing danger, should be provided with immediate security cover and investigation should be done in that regard later. Of the 40 VIPs whose reduced security has been re-improved on Wednesday, most of them are people who are facing threat to their lives from gangsters.

Asked the officers – what were the grounds for reducing security?
According to sources, on the basis of the review report on which the Punjab government had reduced the security of 424 people, it has also called for a reply from the concerned officials on what basis they had recommended to reduce the security. It is noteworthy that Sidhu Musewala was already aware of the danger from gangsters and in this regard the Delhi Police had also given feedback to the Punjab Police. Even after this, the 10 gunmen posted in the security of Musewala were reduced to 4 earlier and now to 2 gunmen. The Chief Minister has asked the officers to tell the mechanism on the basis of which recommendations have been made to increase, reduce or withdraw security.

Decision to increase security of religious leaders
Along with this, the government has also decided to increase the security of all, paying special attention to the safety of religious leaders. Under this, additional vehicles and security personnel will be added to the security cover already given to the religious leaders. Meanwhile, the state government has also summoned a fresh report from the police department regarding the security cover of VIPs.

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