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November 30, 2022



Shock to the government: High court tightened on withdrawal of security of 424 VIPs, everyone’s security will be restored till June 7

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The Punjab government had on Saturday made a list public and curtailed the security of 424 VIPs. Singer Sidhu Musewala’s name was also included in this list. A day later, on Sunday, Musewala was shot dead. Since then the government has come under attack.

The Punjab government has come on the back foot after the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala. The Punjab government on Thursday informed the Punjab-Haryana High Court that the security of 424 people would be restored on June 7. Along with this, a sealed report was presented regarding the basis made for the reduction in security.

The Punjab government said that two days are too short to file a reply, so they should be given more time. Thereafter, the High Court adjourned the hearing. The Punjab government had cut the security of 424 people of the state after a decision on Friday. Former Congress MLA OP Soni, while filing a petition in the High Court, challenged the order to withdraw his security. The Punjab government told the High Court that the decision to cut security was taken keeping in mind all the facts. The documents related to this were handed over to the High Court by the Punjab Government in the form of a sealed report. The High Court was told that the decision to cut security was temporary. Those whose security has been cut on June 7 will be given security again.

Some VIPs objected
On Thursday, along with OP Soni, the matter of cut in the security of many other VIPs was also being heard simultaneously. During this, it was told by some VIPs that their lives are in danger and in such a situation, they should be provided security immediately. Taking a strict stand on this, the High Court said that if security is needed so soon, then pay for it and the Punjab government will provide security. After this, the High Court adjourned the hearing without giving any relief to the VIPs.

Expenses on security are heavy, if you want security, then bear the expenses yourself.
Former MLAs Balbir Singh Sidhu, Gurcharan Singh Boparai, Sukhwinder Singh, Krishna Kumar, Desh Raj Dugga have also filed a petition seeking security. Prior to this, Parminder Singh Pinky and Kul Singh Jeera have filed petitions. The Punjab government said that if anyone needs additional security, he can take security personnel at his own cost. 67 thousand rupees are spent on a security personnel, bear this cost and can take additional security. It was also told that this security was withdrawn due to Ghallughara Day on 6 June, as far as the matter of making this list public is concerned, it is being investigated.

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