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November 30, 2022



Sidhu Moose Wala Murder: Lawrence Bishnoi’s nephew said – I had rained bullets on Moosewala, read his full confession

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A person named Sachin Bishnoi called the TV channel and told that this was not a publicity stunt and was not done to show one’s strength. He has identified himself as the nephew of Lawrence Bishnoi. Also said that he has avenged the killing of Middukheda and Gurlal by killing Sidhu Musewala.

Describing himself as the nephew of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, a man named Sachin Bishnoi has claimed over the phone that he had killed Sidhu Moosewala to avenge the murder of Vicky Middukheda. This person has also made many other revelations by making a virtual phone call to a TV channel. He says that he had fired bullets at Musewala. He and Lawrence Bishnoi belong to the same village. However, it could not be confirmed whether the caller is Bishnoi’s nephew or not.

Sachin Bishnoi told the news channel over the phone that this was not a publicity stunt and was not done to show his strength. He said that Sidhu Musewala’s name had cropped up in the Middukheda murder case. The shooters of the Kaushal gang had confessed to the police that Sidhu Musewala had helped the murderers of Middukheda. Provided them accommodation and also helped them with money. He further said that Delhi Police had also named Sidhu Musewala in this case, but when Punjab Police did not take any action against Sidhu Musewala, we had to take action ourselves.

Said- We have such weapons, which are seen in Hollywood movies
About gangster Goldie Brar hiding in Canada, Sachin Bishnoi said that he is our elder brother and Sidhu Musewala was also involved in the murder of his brother. Sachin said that the murder of Gurlal Brar in Chandigarh was also done by Sidhu Musewala. He was the brother of Goldie Barr, a gangster sitting in Canada. Despite this, no action was taken against Sidhu Musewala.

He said that our motive was only to take revenge. By killing Musewala, he has avenged the murder of Vicky Middukheda and Gurlal Brar. Regarding the use of state-of-the-art weapons in the murder of Musewala, Sachin Bishnoi claimed that he has bigger weapons than that and also such weapons, which common people would have seen in Hollywood movies.

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