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November 30, 2022



Lalu Yadav News: Lalu Yadav fined six thousand, court’s decision in 13 year old case

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Lalu Yadav News: Lalu Yadav’s troubles are not taking the name of lessening. RJD supremo today appeared in Jharkhand’s Palamu court in a 13-year-old case. After the hearing, the court imposed a fine on Lalu.

Former Bihar Chief Minister and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav today appeared in Jharkhand’s Palamu Court in connection with the 2009 Model Code of Conduct violation case. After hearing the arguments of both the sides during the hearing, the court imposed a fine of Rs 6000 on Lalu Yadav. Let us inform that Lalu Yadav was accused of getting the helicopter to land at the wrong place during the election campaign in the year 2009. The Election Commission had considered Lalu’s move as a violation of the model code of conduct and ordered registration of an FIR. In this case, the court had given last notice to Lalu to appear.

What’s the matter?
Actually, Lalu Yadav had arrived by helicopter to campaign for RJD candidate Girinath Singh from Garhwa assembly constituency during the 2009 Jharkhand Assembly elections. Lalu’s rally was to be held at Govind High School in Garhwa. While the administration had fixed the helipad at Kalyanpur in Garhwa block to land the helicopter, Lalu had landed the helicopter in the rally ground itself. After that there was chaos. After this incident, a case was registered against Lalu Prasad Yadav and his pilot.

Helicopter had lost its way: Lalu Paksha
After the registration of the case, there was a lot of politics on this issue. People of Lalu’s side said that the helicopter had lost its way, while the opposition said that Lalu had done all this to mobilize the crowd. However, what is the truth will be decided by the court today.

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