• Due to partying, farmers are dividing into villages at the grassroots level. All political parties have a mass base in villages.

For the last nine months, the farmers’ groups sitting on the Delhi border have made all the leaders playing on the political pitch of Punjab kneel. In a way, farmers’ groups have dominated the politics of Punjab in every way, and in the 2022 elections, only farming issues will arise. At the same time, due to partying, groups of farmers have started dividing in the villages at the grassroots level.

The manner in which the farmers held a court in Chandigarh on Friday and pronounced their orders to all the veterans, it has become clear that the farmers’ unions are completely dominating politics in Punjab. In fact, the Congress, Akali Dal, Aam Aadmi Party, and BSP have a huge support base in the villages of Punjab. There are 89 out of 117 assembly seats where farmers can play an important role. While there are 28 seats where farmers have no influence. BJP is concentrating on 45 seats, including these 28 seats, while the rest of the parties are eyeing 89 seats.

While Congress has a lot of support in these seats, Akali Dal and Aam Aadmi Party are also not behind. The population of the SC category in the villages of Punjab is also significant and the BSP also does not want to be left behind in this race. Especially in the rural areas of Doaba, the BSP has a significant vote bank and this vote is directly and indirectly associated with the farmers’ movement. Not only this, 75% of the people in Punjab are directly and indirectly associated with agriculture. Talking about the people directly involved, this includes farmers, laborers working in their fields, traders who buy crops from them, and traders of fertilizers and pesticides.

All the people are directly connected with each other through agriculture. The transport industry also joins with them. Traders and agencies who buy and supply the crop from arhtiyas are also associated with agriculture. In the next phase, the shopkeepers from the city to the village are also connected with the farmers. If the crop is good, then the farmer also spends. Many small businesses also keep running through this.

The cultivated land in Punjab is 7.442 million hectares. Which is owned by 10.93 lakh people. Of these 2.04 lakh (18.7%) are small and marginal farmers. 1.83 lakh (16.7%) are small farmers, while 7.06 lakh (64.6%) are farmers who have more than 2 hectares of land. The eyes of the leaders of all political parties of Punjab are on these farmers and the situation in the villages is becoming such that the farmers have started dividing among themselves in the affair of Congress, Akali, AAP, BSP. The farmers who used to go to the Delhi border together in tractor trolleys are going with their respective groups.

Farmer leader Balwant Singh Shahkot says that the issue of 75 percent of the people of Punjab is agriculture, our mission is to get these three laws back. The rallies being held due to elections are dividing the farming brotherhood among us. Politics has started in the villages, the issue of agriculture is weakening.


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