In this case, Nirmaljit Singh, in charge of police station Nihal Singh Wala clarified that the woman is making false allegations against him. She was called only for questioning. She has not been assaulted.

A woman resident of Siloani village of Raikot has accused the police of tormenting the police station, Nihal Singh. The victim is presently admitted to the Raikot Civil Hospital with multiple injury marks on her body. On getting information about this incident, MLA from Raikot, Jagtar Singh reached the hospital to inquire about the condition of the woman. Giving full assurance of justice to the victim, he urged the Punjab government to immediately take action against the accused police officers. At the same time, Nirmaljit Singh, in charge of police station Nihal Singh Wala, clarified that the woman is making false allegations against him. He was called only for questioning. He has not been assaulted.

Victim Satwinder Kaur told that she had gone to Nihal Singh Wala village with her husband a few days ago to give peace to her sister-in-law. After staying there for two days, he returned home. Meanwhile, his relatives lodged a case of stealing gold ornaments on him at Nihal Singh Wala police station.

On this, the police called him to the police station for questioning, then sent him home. On August 21, she went to the police station Nihal Singh with some other people including the members of the Gram Panchayat. Where the station in charge made the people accompanying him sit outside and took him inside on the pretext of interrogation. Some other police personnel was also present there.

The woman alleges that instead of interrogating her, the policemen started hurling sticks at her and grabbed her by the hair, and dropped her on the floor. He hit her secret parts with kicks. He was treated like this for about three hours. When his condition worsened, he was sent back home with the people. But the people accompanying him, seeing his condition, got him admitted to Raikot Civil Hospital. The victim has sent a complaint to the Human Rights Commission and the Women’s Commission against this vandalism with her.
The matter is under my knowledge. I am getting it checked. If any police officer is found guilty in the investigation, then legal and departmental action will be taken against him. Prasanna Singh, DSP, Nihal Singh Wala


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