The Aam Aadmi Party strongly targeted the Punjab government on the issue of law and order. AAP leader Harpal Singh Cheema said that like the Badal government, the mafia rule prevails even under Congress’s rule. While Ludhiana has the highest crime rate, the Chief Minister’s home district Patiala is also at the fifth position in this matter.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and Leader of Opposition Harpal Singh Cheema said that the law and order situation in Punjab has become uncontrollable, whose testimony is being given by government figures. In the last 4 years 3 months of the government, 7138 people were kidnapped and ransom was demanded to release them safely. All these cases are those which are recorded in the government records but the victims who did not reach the police stations to save their lives from the kidnappers are not counted.

In a statement issued from the party headquarters on Sunday, Harpal Singh Cheema said that once in a while incidents like kidnapping in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are at their peak in Punjab today. Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh is responsible for this, who holds the Home Department of Punjab. The responsibility and accountability of worse law and order lie with the Captain.

He should leave the Home Department and hand it over to some other competent minister with immediate effect. Cheema said that Punjab has become a crime hub due to the nexus of the ruling party leaders, administrative and police officials with criminals. The increased crime is directly affecting the economic development of Punjab. Investors are not getting a safe and comfortable environment. As a result, Punjab is continuously lagging behind in the industrial sector.

AAP leader Harpal Singh Cheema said that industrial area Ludhiana is at the fore in the highest number of kidnapping and ransom demands. During the tenure of Captain, 1032 incidents have been carried out here. Amritsar is second with 765 incidents and Jalandhar is third with 619 incidents. Even the Chief Minister’s own home district Patiala is at number five with 470 kidnapping incidents. The Chief Minister has his own royal farmhouse in Mohali district and 570 incidents have taken place here too. Of these, the maximum number of 122 incidents has taken place in the year 2021 itself.


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