• Ashraf Ghani said the Taliban has won with swords and guns
  • The statement said that history has never adopted such powers.

Within days after the departure of US forces, the Taliban rapidly took control of the provinces of Afghanistan. Now he has occupied the whole of Afghanistan. Seeing the danger, President Ashraf Ghani also fled the country. Now he has expressed his reaction on social media.

Ashraf Ghani said in a statement on social media- Today I faced a difficult choice whether I should face the armed Taliban, who wanted to enter the palace, or I had to leave my beloved country Afghanistan. I devoted my life to the defense of Afghanistan in the last twenty years.

He said that to save the rivers of blood from flowing, I thought that it was better to go out of the country. The Taliban have won with swords and guns and now they will be responsible for protecting the honor, wealth, and self-respect of the countrymen. History has never adopted such powers.

Ghani further said in the statement that it is necessary for the Taliban to assure all the people, nations, different regions, sisters, and women of Afghanistan of legitimacy and winning the hearts of the people. And he should make a clear plan with the public. I will always serve my country.

Taliban capture
Let us tell you that after 20 years, the Taliban has once again been occupied by Afghanistan. He has also captured the Rashtrapati Bhavan of the country. According to Tolo News, the process of transfer of power has also been completed here. President Ashraf Ghani handed over power to the Taliban. According to sources, the name of Ali Ahmed Jalali is at the forefront as the interim head of the new interim government. President Ghani has left the country. It is believed that Ghani is on his way to Tajikistan.

The Kabul police have handed over their weapons to the Taliban. Earlier, Acting Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal assured in separate video clips that the people of Kabul would be safe as they defend the city along with international allies.


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