There cannot be news making the image of the Taliban negative. Since the Taliban occupation of Kabul, 153 media organizations have ceased operations in Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture has imposed restrictions on media reporting. The media will not be allowed to do any kind of reporting against Islam. The Taliban leadership cannot be criticized.

Patricia Gossman, associate director of the Asia region at the Human Rights Watch group, said: “According to the Taliban’s decree, the media has to have balanced reporting on any issue unless the Taliban officials react on that issue.” At the same time, the Taliban has already banned women, journalists, from working. Apart from this, 7000 journalists have been imprisoned by the Taliban.

Let us represent you on the world stage: Taliban
Suhail Shaheen, designated as the Taliban envoy to the United Nations, has urged for permission to be represented on the international stage. Shaheen said that after the fall of the Ghani government, his designated envoy cannot represent the country. In a tweet, Shaheen said, at present, the only and real representative of the people of the country is the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Afghan women’s rights activist pleads for help from the world
Afghan women are suffering the biggest brunt of the Taliban rule. Women are neither allowed to cross the threshold of the house alone nor have the confidence of being safe inside the house.

Meanwhile, some women gather courage and reach the Taliban to demand their rights, but the Taliban fighters sometimes beat them with the butt of a rifle, and sometimes they are happy to frighten the women by firing in the air.

Meanwhile, senior women’s rights activist Mehbooba Siraj is calling on the international community to help Afghan women. According to Pazhok Afghan News, at the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council held in Geneva, Siraj, while describing the situation of Afghan women to the global community, told that there is no woman present in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of the Taliban government, from this it can be guessed. What will be the situation there?

In the midst of increasing atrocities on women day by day, it is like sprinkling salt on the wounds of women. There is nothing new that the international community does not know about the condition of women in Afghanistan, so whatever is happening there is in the knowledge of the world.

Fear of women teachers and girl students not being able to return to college
After the Taliban banned the entry of women into Kabul University, there is a growing fear among female teachers and students that they will never be allowed to go to school and college again. Sharif Hassan and Cora Engelbarsch write for the New York Times that the ban on women’s admission to universities is a major blow to women’s rights. Many teachers have also left teaching and want to leave the country.

According to an estimate, more than half of the teachers have left the country, while a large number of teachers have left their profession, or are considering leaving. Sami Mahdi, a former teacher and journalist at Kabul University who currently lives in Ankara, Turkey, says there is so much fear that it is impossible to study.

Children are memorizing verses of the Quran, away from modern education
With the withdrawal of the Taliban, the clamor of children has been heard in madrassas around Kabul since 4.30 am. In Taliban rule, instead of modern education, knowledge of religion is being given.

Children are heard memorizing verses from the Quran. Most of the boys in the madrassa are from poor families who have little hope of having access to modern education. Children do not know their future, but they do know that the highest education in a madrasa is the education of religion.
The fall of the Ghani government in a hurry with the withdrawal of troops – US general
The head of the US military’s Central Command, General Frank McKenzie, told the Military Committee of the House of Representatives in the US Parliament on Wednesday that the collapse of Afghanistan’s Ashraf Ghani government was caused by the Doha Agreement between the Taliban and the Trump administration.

The general said, America has fixed a date and said that we are leaving. This left the Afghan government and military feeling helpless on a psychological level while expecting assistance from the US.

MacKenzie said the US-backed Afghan government began to collapse as soon as US troops were reduced to less than 2,500 as a result of Washington’s decision to withdraw by the end of August, Al Jazeera reported.

On February 29, 2020, an agreement was reached between the US and the Taliban in Doha that by May 2021, the US will completely withdraw from Afghanistan. Under this agreement, the Taliban will not attack American troops.

After this, efforts were to be made for a peace deal between the Taliban and the Afghan government, but before this objective could be achieved, Biden was in power and the new president began to push for the withdrawal of American troops.

McKeezie said that without our troops the Afghan government was bound to collapse, but the speed with which Biden insisted on doing so proved to be the last nail in the coffin.


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