1. Apologizing to the government employees, return to work, join the government structure according to Sharia law
  2. UNSC also appeals to the Taliban for full participation of women

Taliban is going to take new power in Afghanistan. There are constant assurances from his side that no one will be in danger here. He will not take any action against anyone out of retaliation. At the same time, he has also assured the women that strict action will not be taken against them.

Meanwhile, the process of evacuation of people from Afghanistan continues. The US military has so far evacuated 3200 people from Afghanistan.

Taliban’s big announcement
A day earlier, in the midst of chaos at Kabul airport, the Taliban made a big announcement on Tuesday after seeing people fleeing the country fearing their rule. He declared a general amnesty in Afghanistan and urged women to join his government. He also urged the government employees to return to work.

Enamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission, made the remarks at the federal level for the first time since the nationwide attack on state TV in Afghanistan. “The structure of the Taliban government is not yet completely clear, but based on our experience, it should have full Islamic leadership and involve all stakeholders,” he said.

At present, the agenda for government formation is being decided and the proposal will be announced soon. Using the word terrorist for Afghanistan, Samangani said, “The Islamic emirate does not want women to suffer, the Taliban also aims to stop violence against women.” According to Sharia law, they should be included in the government structure, he said.

Taliban compulsion to take women along
The Taliban have committed many atrocities on women in the previous regime as well and has been strongly against allowing women to go to work. But this time he is forced to take women to workplaces because he wants to change his image internationally, this time to garner the support of China, America, and other countries. The UNSC has also called on the Taliban for the full participation of women.

Peace in Kabul but people panic
There was peace in Kabul on Tuesday. However, many residents are hiding in the house and are scared after the rebels have also vacated the prisons and looted the armory.

Older generations remember the hardline Islamic regime of its time, which existed in Afghanistan before the September 11, 2001 attack on the US.

At that time it was common practice to publicly stone (sangesar) or behead those who disobeyed the Taliban’s staunch orders. For these reasons, people want to run away as soon as the Taliban seize power in Afghanistan.

Information about Taliban leader being present in Kabul for talks
Senior Taliban leader Amir Khan Muttaki is said to be present in Kabul for talks with the political leadership. An official with knowledge of the talks said on condition of anonymity that the political leadership includes Abdullah Abdullah, who once chaired the country’s negotiating council and former president Hamid Karzai.

Muttaki was the Minister of Higher Education during the Taliban regime and had started contacting Afghan political leaders even before President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. The ongoing talks in Kabul are aimed at bringing non-Taliban leaders into the government.

Only Russia, China, and Pak embassies open in Afghanistan
After the Taliban captured Kabul, most countries have started evacuating their embassy staff from there. Now embassies of only three countries Russia, China, and Pakistan are open here. Indonesia has asked to close its embassy and has only a small diplomatic mission there.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Qureshi talked about the functioning of its embassy in Kabul and providing all kinds of consular facilities, while China has talked about building friendly relations with the Taliban. On the other hand, Russia also does not plan to expel embassy personnel. Although he will definitely call back some employees.

The new, unified government formed in Afghanistan: UNSC
The UNSC (United Nations Security Council) has called for the formation of a new, unified, and representative government in Afghanistan through inclusive consultations, with the full participation of women.

The UNSC, headed by India, said it is necessary to ensure that the Taliban or any other Afghan group does not support terrorists operating from any other country.

During this, Afghanistan’s ambassador to the UN Ghulam Isakzai said that now is not the time for accusations and counter-accusations. He urged world bodies to immediately stop human rights abuses in Afghanistan.

640 people entered the plane as soon as the gate opened
A video of the plane on which three people were trying to leave the country on Monday, fearing the Taliban regime, died after falling from a height, has been released on Tuesday. This video is shocking because it is a clear testimony that the Afghan people do not want to live under Taliban rule.

The viral image released by the Defense One website shows a picture of the inside of the C-17 Globemaster of the US Air Force. It has 134 seats, but as soon as the gate of the plane opened, 640 people boarded it. The people who entered inside did not come out for fear of the Taliban.

The situation had become so bad that as soon as the plane arrived, people were eager to sit in it like some ragged buses. These Afghan citizens wanted to leave the country by any means.

For this reason, when there was no space inside the plane, people stuck by holding a rod very hard near the wheels of the plane. However, three people fell down and died after the plane took off.


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