Contrary to claims that only government officials and celebrities’ bank accounts were closed, Kabul’s Mohammad Jamir says the Taliban have closed their accounts as well. Now, what will happen to our money?

On the one hand, the Taliban is appealing to the employees of the old government to return to work. On the other hand, the Taliban is locking the bank accounts of government officials and big personalities.

Amanullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban Cultural Commission, said the bank accounts of some officials who worked for the previous government had been closed. The Taliban, however, did not reveal the names of whose accounts were closed. The Taliban have definitely said that the bank accounts of the employees who fled the country have been closed.

After this, the Afghan central bank has said that the accounts of ministers, governors, deputy governors, members of parliament, mayors, and other personalities, including the banks, should be informed to the central bank.

Ajmal Ahmadi, governor of the central bank The Afghanistan Bank, says the Taliban will not be able to use central bank funds. He told that the bank has assets of 10 billion US dollars which is not in Afghanistan.

People are queuing for their money
When the banks open, there is still a long line of people outside the banks. People are allowed to withdraw money only in limited amounts. People standing outside the bank to withdraw money say that even after having money in the account, they are not getting the money as per the requirement. Due to this daily living is becoming difficult.

Even the treatment of hospitalized patients is stalled due to a lack of money. Banks, which were closed after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, have only opened recently.


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