• These coaches are extremely clean and well-equipped. During their construction, every small and big need of the passengers has been kept in mind. The toilet doors in each coach have been designed for the differently-abled. The coach has a folding table, bottle holder, mobile phone, and magazine holder.

Now the poor section will also be able to enjoy the journey in AC coach of Mail and Express train. AC 3-tier economy coaches will be added to all trains running on railway tracks. The first rack of 15 coaches has been dispatched to the RCF (Rail Coach Factory), under the target of creating 248 coaches from the Ministry of Railways.

RCF GM Ravindra Gupta has sent these rakes to Northern-Western Railway (NWR), Northern-Central Railway (NCR), and Western Railway (WR). GM Ravindra Gupta said that RCF built the first 3-tier AC economy class coach of Indian Railways in just three months. After this, on 10 February this year, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal unveiled a new prototype of this luxury-quality affordable AC 3-tier coach.

After the successful completion of its trial in March, the construction work duly started. Many changes have been made in the design of these coaches. Toilet doors have been designed in each coach according to the convenience of the differently-abled. The design has made several improvements keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers, including folding tables and bottle holders, mobile phone and magazine holders on both the seats.
Reading lights and mobile charging points have also been built in each berth. The design of the ladder has been changed to climb the middle and upper berths so that it looks beautiful and does not inconvenience the passengers. There are 83 seats in these coaches as compared to 72 seats in the existing Third AC.

He said that providing the cheapest and best AC travel in the world, AC Economy Class Coach is a golden page in the glorious journey of RCF. This will bring many changes in rail traffic, which will make rail travel more smooth and convenient.

He said that following the guidelines of the government due to the second wave of Corona, where 50% of the staff had to run the production work. At the same time, due to the non-supply of goods due to lockdown in most parts of the country, the production of RCF was severely affected. Despite this, RCF manufactured more than 100 coaches in May.

248 coaches to meet their target this year
RCF GM Ravindra Gupta said that each coach has 4 bathrooms, one of which has been made for the convenience of the differently-abled. The cost of one coach is 2.75 crores, while the cost of AC 3-tier coaches already in trains is 2.85 crores. This does not mean that facilities are compromised in these coaches designed for the common man. Rather its facilities are more than AC 3-tier. He claimed that the target of 248 coaches would be achieved in this financial year.


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