Pakistan is planning a big conspiracy from across the border. Its hallmark is the eight tiffin bombs found in Punjab. Security agencies are still looking for 11 more bombs. The tiffin bombs that reached Punjab from Pakistan have made security agencies sleepless. Earlier Pakistan was sending consignments of weapons to Punjab by drones but now it has started sending tiffin bombs.

The continuous recovery of tiffin bombs in Punjab has made the state government sleepless. So far eight tiffin bombs have been detected in the investigation of intelligence agencies and based on the interrogation of the arrested people, 11 more tiffin bombs are on the lookout. Intelligence agencies are also trying to find out when the influx of tiffin bombs from across the border started and how many tiffin bombs have reached Punjab and other parts of India so far.

It is believed that these bombs can be used to create disturbances during the assembly elections to be held next year, including in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. According to information received from sources, the entire work of investigation has been taken over by the NIA and IB, but Punjab Police is also helping the intelligence department in its investigation.

Punjab Police has handed over a list of people who have been close and supporters of terrorists during the era of terrorism to the central investigative agencies. Along with this, a list of people who have direct and indirect links with terrorists hiding abroad is also being prepared.
An Intelligence Department official said that after the first tiffin bomb recovered from a village in Amritsar district, it was believed that along with other weapons, a tiffin bomb was dropped from Pakistan for the first time and a terrorist attack was probably being hatched in view of the festivals. But after the arrest of the son of the former Jathedar, it has become clear that Pakistan is planning a massive bomb blast.

When the Jathedar’s son revealed the delivery of four tiffin bombs during interrogation, it became clear that the influx of tiffin bombs was already happening in Punjab, as the arrested man had admitted that he had made the first delivery of tiffin bombs in July. . On the other hand, last week, two more tiffin bombs have been dropped inside the Punjab border through drones.

Eye on nexus of SFJ and ISI
According to information received from the Punjab Police, the central agencies are looking at the Tiffin bomb episode with the announcement of polling in the state for Khalistan referendum by the banned terrorist organization Sikh for Justice (SJF) during the Punjab Assembly elections itself. Punjab Police is keeping an eye on the nexus of SFJ and ISI. The sending of tiffin bombs along with other weapons by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI to Punjab has raised fears that a disturbance could be created by blasting public and crowded areas in the state ahead of the assembly elections.


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