• Terrorists sitting in Germany are plotting to terrorize Punjab. Receipts have also been done at 10 places in Amritsar and Ludhiana, but the ready Punjab Police foiled the plans of these terrorists. Even before carrying out the conspiracy, the Punjab Police arrested the terrorist Sarup Singh. During interrogation, terrorist Sarup Singh told the complete master plan of his masters. However, many more revelations are yet to be made in this matter.

On the night of Janmashtami, Punjab Police arrested terrorist Sarup Singh Johal with two hand grenades. Sarup Singh had done recce at 10 places in Amritsar and Ludhiana. Terrorist organizations based in Germany had planned to blast these metros, in which other people were also to be included. The terrorists sitting in Germany had also finalized the name of this mission and plans were being made to give virtual training to the rest of the terrorists. But in the meantime, Johal got caught by the police.

Terrorist Sarup has made this disclosure during police remand. However, the police are not giving information about the case. Police say that the whole matter is yet to be uncovered. According to police sources, truck driver Sarup Singh Johal, a resident of village Johal Dhaye Wala of Khadoor Sahib assembly constituency, has told during interrogation that from August 4 to August 13, he had disguised himself at four places in Amritsar and from August 16 to August 27 at six places in Ludhiana. Reiki was done.

It is being told that plans were being made to carry out major incidents around religious places in both the metros. Through the two SIM cards of the mobile recovered from the possession of terrorist Sarup Singh Johal, the police can get information about other contacts of terrorist organizations sitting abroad. Therefore the mobile phone has been sent to the forensic lab.

The link recovered from the mobile is also being investigated, through which Sarup Singh took training in handling and operating a hand grenade virtually. Police are also trying to find out who else was being linked to the blasts in the metros. However, it is also necessary to find out the number of times the mobile phone link has been forwarded. Apart from this, the intelligence agencies are also trying to find out if Sarup has any links with other terrorists, gangsters, and drug smugglers.

An amount of 60 thousand came from Germany, the mastermind sitting there will also be nominated
During interrogation, Sarup Singh Johal told that he has taken 60 thousand I amount from Germany through Western Union. This amount reached him in two installments. During interrogation on Thursday, the accused also spewed the name of the mastermind, who is preparing a plan to spoil the atmosphere of Punjab by sitting in Germany. The police will name this terrorist sitting in Germany in the FIR. After this LOC will be issued for the arrest of the accused.

NIA may also interrogate Johal
According to sources, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has made preparations to take the matter into its own hands after the hand grenade conspiracy to wreak havoc in Punjab was exposed. The police remand of terrorist Sarup Singh Johal is going to end on September 6. After this, the NIA will register a separate FIR on its own and take the accused on remand again.


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