• The harm caused by medical advice received over the phone over industrial oxygen

Now gradually the causes of the fungus spreading in corona patients are being known. Based on the experiences of the last three weeks, hospitals now say that two out of three patients of the fungus are not in hospital, but in home isolation, who were taking treatment of corona sitting at home. The symptoms in these patients were mild at first but later they became severe. Most of the patients have told that they had taken medical advice over the phone when they got corona. Of these, 65 percent of the patients admitted that they did not know which drug contained steroids, even the patients did not know that they had diabetes before.

Dr. Vivek of AIIMS Delhi told that till now more than 200 cases of fungus have been reported here. The clinical study has not been started yet, but on the basis of interaction with patients, they estimate that 70 to 80 percent of the patients are in home isolation, who have later complained of fungus.

List of medicines found on WhatsApp was consumed heavily
Dr. NN Mathur, former director of Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, said that most of the people were not aware of diabetes earlier. He consulted a doctor of his acquaintance over the phone and he gave him medicines. At the same time, Dr. Amit of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (RML) says that some cases are also being found in him that someone’s brother or someone’s father sent a list of medicines on WhatsApp and asked for their consumption.

Dr. Amit Goyal of Jodhpur AIIMS told that he also has most of the cases of home isolation. There is no evidence yet about industrial oxygen in these patients, but there are cases of consuming drugs after consulting over the phone or social media.

Almost identical cases from most states
A senior ICMR official said that after the fungus was brought under the Epidemic Act, the reporting of daily cases from the states has started. So far there are more than 16 thousand cases. There is no reason on paper so far about the causes of the fungus, but in conversations with the doctors treating the fungus, they are getting to know almost the same cases.

Oxygen, cylinders, or other reasons are not yet known, but steroids, uncontrolled diabetes, medical advice forms on social media, etc. are definitely being heard. He has expressed hope that studies on this will start coming out in the next two to three months.


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