• CBI raided the Zonal Drug Authority office in Amritsar, Punjab. The officials checked the office records. About two years ago, 2.5 lakh tramadol tablets were caught in Doburji area. On Tuesday, the CBI raided the same case.

At two o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, suddenly two vehicles of Delhi number come and stop at the Civil Surgeon’s office. About six-seven of them descend. Before any officer of the Civil Surgeon’s office could understand or ask anything from them, before that they go straight to the Zonal Drug Controller.

These officers enter by opening the drug controller’s door and an officer sitting in a chair next to the drug controller gazes at the computer screen. On this the drug controller panics and when asked by him, he introduces himself as a CBI officer.

After this, within a few minutes, this word spreads like fire in the Civil Surgeon Complex, and many officers also move here and there. For about one and a half hours, this officer checked some records from the drug controller’s office, manual, and computer. Neither the CBI officials said anything about this, nor did the people of the Drug Controller’s office open their mouths in this regard. When I tried to talk to Civil Surgeon Charanjit Singh regarding this, he did not pick up the phone.

What is the matter
According to sources, about two years ago, a woman drug inspector had caught about 2.5 lakh narcotic pills (tramadol) during a raid at some of the drug factories in Doburji area. This case is pending in the High Court. The High Court took cognizance of the NDPS Act not being imposed after such a large quantity of Tramadol was caught and while giving the investigation of the matter to the CBI, it was asked to do physical verification. On this basis, on Tuesday, the CBI team raided the District Zonal Drug Controller’s office and took many records with them.


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