• Preparations will be completed in next week
  • Antibodies will be available with only one dose of Covishield
  • The task force has given a second suggestion to install the National Vaccine Tracking System.

The government is going to make two important changes in the national vaccination program, after which not only will freedom from two or booster doses of the vaccine, but the country’s first tracking system will also be started in the coming days. Through this, the government will know that how many people died after getting the vaccine? How many have been hospitalized and what changes have occurred in the body of these people after the vaccine?

According to the information, experts of the National Task Force on Immunization have received indications that people can be protected from infection even through a single dose of the vaccine. In addition to Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik, it may also include the Covidshield vaccine. That’s why experts have recommended that a single-dose test should be conducted for two to three months in which antibodies will be detected in the test for three months of the people involved.

Another suggestion made by the same task force is to set up a National Vaccine Tracking System. This tracking system will be such that through which the government will be monitored at the district and tehsil level, while still monitoring from the state government headquarters. With the introduction of this system, the government will be able to know about re-infection, post-vaccination mortality, post-vaccination infection in men, women, age-wise risk factors, etc.

The study will start in June itself
A senior official of the Union Health Ministry says that both have accepted the recommendations. Assistance is being sought from IT experts of the Government of India to prepare the tracking system. He has expressed the hope that this tracking system will be started in June itself. Along with this, trials on a single dose will also start in different institutions for which the team of the Drug Controller General of India is working.

The system is running in America, it will be even better in India
According to experts, a system is being operated by the CDC of America regarding adverse events after vaccination. In this, information is collected every day about the side effects after vaccination. There will be a similar system in India but like the Covin website, it will be even better. With this help, it will be helpful to report one case each.

Strong single dose indications
A senior member of the national task force said that there are strong indications for a single dose. He is confident that this facility will be available in India within the next three to six months when a person will not need to take a booster vaccine in the form of two or third doses. The Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech company has also started trials for a third booster dose that can be taken six months after two doses. According to experts, adequate levels of antibodies are seen in most people only after taking the first dose.

America got such help
When the US started the tracking system, they came to know that some people may get an infection after taking the vaccine. The CDC received information from the tracking system of 10,262 people in 46 US states, of whom 6,446 (63 percent) were women. The median patient age was 58 years. Based on preliminary data, re-infection was asymptomatic in 2,725 (27 percent) of those taking the vaccine. 995 (10%) patients had to be hospitalized and 160 (2%) patients had died.

Work is underway on the National Vaccine Tracking System. More information will be available in the next two to three days. It is also true that single-dose work is in progress. Like Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik, results can also be seen regarding AstraZeneca (Covishield). – Dr. NK Arora, President, NTAGI


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