• General Narwane said that the modernization of the Indian Army is on the right path
  • Aimed at China without being named

Indian Army Chief General MM Narwane has dismissed fears that the need to spend more resources on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) due to the ongoing deadlock in East Ladakh with China, and led to new weapons for the army There was a possibility of a shortage of funds.

The army chief said on Sunday that modernization of the Indian Army was going on properly. Explaining his point, General Narwane said that since the last financial year, so far 59 deals worth about 21 thousand crores have been done, while many proposals for the procurement of arms and other military systems are in the pipeline.

He said, the modernization drive in the army is going on without any hassle and necessary resources are being provided by the government. He said that a lot of procurement proposals are currently proceeding under the process.

Modernization of military forces going on like this

  • 15 procurement contracts worth Rs.16000 crores signed under general procurement scheme
  • 44 procurement contracts of 5000 crores under emergency procurement in 2020-21
  • The government has allocated Rs 4.78 lakh crore in the defense budget of 2021-22
  • 1.35 lakh crores from the budget to buy new weapons, aircraft, ships
  • 18 percent increase in last year’s 13,13,734 crore to buy arms
  • Some countries are spreading unfounded fears by calling the Quad Group a military alliance: Army chief
  • Army Chief General MM Narwane on Sunday targeted China without a name. He said that some countries continue to present the Quad Group as a military alliance. Despite not having concrete evidence to support their claim, these countries are working to raise a baseless fear.

General Narwane also emphasized that the Quad had no intention of forming a military alliance and said that it is a multilateral group that is involved in issues related to the Indo-Pacific region. He also cited the first quad summit held in March, which called for strengthening mutual cooperation to meet the current challenges.

This cooperation was not limited to the military and defense sector only, but it discussed all the security challenges facing the Indo-Pacific. He said, the Quad believes in an independent and open Indo-Pacific region and a number of ancillary issues are the basis of its operations, including health and economic impact of COVID-19, climate change, cyber world, infrastructure development, fighting terror, humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

Why is the quad not a NATO-like alliance?
General Narwane also clarified his recent statement as to why the Quad would not form an alliance like NATO. He said, NATO was formed as a military alliance, which was based on a polar collision world order. This system was in the midst of the disintegration of the Soviet Union from the end of the Second World War. The Quad is not intended to be a military alliance.

The Quad Group, formed in 2007, includes the US, Japan, and Australia along with India, which has been formed amid global concerns over China’s increased aggression in the Indo-Pacific region. The Quad Group aims to ensure a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region, as well as foster, shared democratic ideals.

China and Russia oppose the quad
China and Russia continue to oppose the Quad group. China has alleged many times that this group has been formed to stop it in the Indo-Pacific region. Russia has also been critical of the formation of the Quad several times. Last month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov used the term Asian NATO for an alliance emerging in Asia, citing the Quad’s opposition.


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