• Harbhajan Singh has apologized for his controversial Instagram post. Through a long post on social media, the cricketer apologized to everyone. He wrote, ‘I apologize and want to clarify with a story posted on Instagram yesterday. I had found a picture on WhatsApp, which I shared without reading and understanding. I accept my mistake.’

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh has finally apologized for his controversial Instagram post. Harbhajan Singh has apologized by tweeting. Bhajji wrote in his apology, ‘I clarify and apologize for the post I shared on Instagram yesterday. It was a WhatsApp forward, which I shared in a hurry without knowing the meaning. It was my mistake and I accept it, he further wrote. In the picture in this post, I do not support those people in any way.

I am a Sikh, who will fight for the country and not against the country. I apologize unconditionally for hurting the sentiments of the countrymen. I neither support any group against my countrymen nor will I ever. I have shed blood and sweat for this country for 20 years, I will never support anything which will be against India.

In fact, Bhajji on his Instagram story paid tribute to Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale who was killed inside Sri Harmandir Sahib on the 37th anniversary of Operation Blue Star and tried to call him a ‘martyr’. However, he did not explicitly mention Bhindranwale’s name during this period. Bhajji had uploaded a picture of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale on Instagram and called him a martyr while paying tribute. After this, people on social media pulled up Bhajji fiercely. However, now the cricketer has apologized for the whole matter.


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