• The threat of Taliban occupation of Afghanistan has indirectly reached Punjab. The hosiery industry of Ludhiana, which is facing a crisis during the Corona period, has suffered another setback after the capture of the Taliban. Due to the Taliban, the hosiery trade of about Rs 50 crores exported from Ludhiana will be affected.

After the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, the hosiery industry of Ludhiana has suffered a setback of Rs 50 crore. Every year about 50 crore shawls and hosiery products were exported from Ludhiana to Afghanistan. The news of the Taliban capture has brought dismay to the hosiery traders here, as products worth 100 million are lying ready, which were to be sent to Afghanistan by the first week of September.

Some advance payment has also been received by the traders, but it is a matter of concern that if the situation worsens then the entire goods will be under dumped. That is why hosiery traders are praying that the situation there should improve soon so that they can start their business again. Vinod Thapar, head of Knitwear Club Ludhiana, says that the corona epidemic has broken the back of the hosiery business earlier. 50 crore business from Afghanistan is done every year from Ludhiana. The businessmen there are very good, they come every year before giving advance to prepare their goods.

This time also they have gone by paying advance money for their goods. Their goods worth about 10 crores are lying ready, which was to be supplied there in the first week of September, but suddenly the situation worsened, it is not understood what will happen to them. Thapar tells that the party that took goods from him is from Kabul city, he is being talked about there. Although his party is a supporter of the Taliban, so he is assuring that the situation will improve soon but the kind of news he is watching every hour. In such a situation, no trader can believe that there will be some change in the situation. From here hosiery production goes not only to Afghanistan but also to Pakistan, as there is no direct contact with Pakistan. Therefore, Afghan traders take goods from here and supply them further. The kind of situation that has become in Afghanistan, the businessmen here are shocked.


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