In Bathinda, Punjab, a video of an ASI’s dadagiri has surfaced. After getting off the car, the ASI suddenly starts slapping the street vendors. The incident was captured on CCTV. The video is viral on social media. Despite this, the police are talking about investigating the matter.

The ASI, who came in the police car, started slapping three street vendors selling fruits and other goods by placing a street vendor on Bhatti Road under the police station civil line. The entire incident that took place on Friday evening was captured on the CCTV camera. Despite the situation being clear in the CCTV footage, the police are saying that the investigation of the case is still going on to save the ASI.

At the same time, this video of ASI’s grandfather has become increasingly viral on social media. CCTV footage shows that three different street vendors were selling items on Bhatti Road. Meanwhile, on Friday evening, an ASI gets down in the government vehicle of the police and starts slapping the street vendors without saying anything. Although the ASI has not been identified yet, the footage has reached the district police officials.

Inspector Parminder Singh of Police Station Civil Line says that the police are investigating. Will be able to tell something only after investigation. In this regard, SSP Ajay Maluja wanted to know the side of the police action, his phone was coming out of range. The three victim street drivers were not present at the spot on Saturday after the footage went viral. Neighbors told that after the video went viral, the victims are not coming forward out of fear.


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