• Crime Branch asked for information about the case from Central District Police
  • Police have not been able to stand a firm witness against Sushil
  • Sushil does not regret his actions
  • Sushil broke his mobile after the incident

It has been four and a half years since a case filed against Sushil, but the charge sheet has not been done yet. The crime branch investigating the Sagar murder case has sought information from the Central District Police about the case. On the other hand, the Delhi Police has not yet been able to prepare a strong witness against Sushil. Only four victims are witnesses and they are expected to retract in court. Apart from this, Sushil Kumar has no regrets about his actions.

A crime branch official said that a case of assault and road blocking has been registered against Sushil at the IP Estate police station. This case was registered against Sushil in the year 2017. Sushil had assaulted another wrestler in a stadium located in the IP Estate police station area. The Central District Police has not yet filed a charge sheet in this case. This case is still pending after four and a half years.

The crime branch has sought complete information about the case filed against Sushil from the IP Estate police station. So that the Sagar murder case can be strengthened further. On the other hand, the Delhi Police has not been able to stand any firm witness against Sushil yet. In such a situation, questions are being raised on the investigation of the Delhi Police. The four people who were beaten by Sushil and his associates Sonu Mahal, Bhagatu, Ravindra Bhinda, Amit Khagad are the only four witnesses.

The crime branch has called all these two days back and taken their statements again. Sonu Mahal and others are special of Kala Jathedi and agreement has been reached between Sushil Kumar and Kala Jathedi. In such a situation, it is believed that these four witnesses can turn away from their testimony at any time. Sushil had been trying since the incident not to testify against Sonu Mahal. Police sources say that he has succeeded in his plans.

Sushil Kumar does not regret his actions
According to the police officers of the crime branch, Sushil Kumar does not regret his actions. Sushil seems convinced that everything will be cured in six seven months. Here’s what he tells the police officers of the crime branch. The police believe that all the people who have been cured so far have recovered within a few months. Because of this, he feels that this case will also be resolved. Sushil is alleged to have played with the careers of many wrestlers.

Sushil broke his mobile
The biggest failure of the Delhi Police so far is that the crime branch has not been able to recover Sushil’s mobile even after so many days. Sushil has told police officers that he broke the mobile and threw it on the way after the incident. Sushil is not telling the police much. He is not cooperating in the inquiry.

Sushil is eating properly
According to the police officers of the crime branch, Sushil is being given the food to be made in the office of the crime branch. Susheel is eating properly. His face is not visible in any way.


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