• Railway Board is preparing to run 100 special trains soon. The Northern Railway has also prepared the timetable to run more than a dozen of these trains between June 14 and June 18.

The train derailed due to Corona infection is ready to return once again. With the infection rate decreasing and the unlocking process starting in the states, the Railways is preparing to increase the number of trains. Although all trains will not be back like Kovid East, trains will be canceled as per the demand of the passengers.

Railway Board is preparing to run 100 special trains soon. The Northern Railway has also prepared the schedule for running more than a dozen trains between June 14 and June 18. According to railway officials, preparations have been completed to run more trains to meet the demand of passengers.

More special trains will run on the route on which the number of waiting tickets is more. Around a hundred trains will be derailed this week, mostly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for various states. Railway Board Chairman Sunit Sharma said that the exercise is going on to normalize the train service as soon as possible.

However, it is not possible to operate the entire trains until the infection rate comes down significantly. Before the second wave of Covid, the service of 1500 trains was restored, but many trains were canceled as the infection increased. Railways faced many challenges due to pandemics and restrictions on movement in various states. Now the demand for trains has increased due to the decrease in the cases of Covid.
The train running between Kota-Udhampur-Kota has been restored on the track. Apart from this, Prayagraj Junction-Jaipur-Prayagraj Junction special will run from June 14. Similarly, Maduvadil Express, Varanasi Junction- Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express will also be derailed from June 14.

Similarly, New Delhi-Dehradun will run from 15th June, Chennai-Nizamuddin from 16th June, Sarai Rohilla-Jaipur-Sarai Rohilla from 16th June. Apart from this, New Delhi-Katra will run from June 14. Lucknow-Bareilly, Varanasi-Bareilly will also start running from June 14.


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