• Four Punjab ministers have taken a rebellious stand against Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. The rebel ministers include Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Sukhjinder Randhawa, Sukh Sarkaria and Charanjit Singh Channi. A meeting of about 23 MLAs and ministers was held at Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa’s residence. The meeting discussed the removal of Captain Amarinder Singh. Now, these leaders will meet the high command and demand the removal of the Captain.

All is not well in Punjab Congress. The opposition camp of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has started mobilizing. On Tuesday, all the leaders, ministers, and MLAs of Punjab Congress gathered at the residence of Cabinet Minister Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa. These leaders held a meeting and raised questions on the leadership of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh.

After the meeting, Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Sukhjinder Randhawa, Sukh Sarkaria, and Charanjit Singh Channi told reporters that they did not trust Captain Amarinder Singh’s leadership. He said that he wants the captain to be changed, only then Congress will be able to make a comeback in the next elections in Punjab. After the meeting, the above four ministers came out and talked to the journalists, but after that, they went inside again to meet other MLAs.

Captain has met Badals: Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa
Cabinet minister Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa, who was once a close friend of Captain Amarinder Singh, appeared very angry on Tuesday. Talking to reporters after the meeting of the anti-Captain ministers-MLAs at his residence, he openly alleged that the captain had met with Badals and both were playing games together.

He said that this is the misfortune of us and the Congress. When asked that the Captain was assuring that all the promises would be fulfilled, Tript Bajwa said that what about the Chief Minister who has not come out of the house for four-and-a-half years? Supporting the issue of 75-25 raised by state party chief Navjot Singh Sidhu, Tript Bajwa alleged that Captain and Badal had a meeting in Dubai. He said that the 2022 election is a difficult time for Punjab Congress. Asked whether he would like to lead the Punjab Congress in 2022, Bajwa said whatever decision is taken will be taken by the high command.

Captain completely failed in many cases: Pargat Singh
Congress MLA and General Secretary Pargat Singh have alleged that as Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh has proved to be a complete failure in many cases. Pargat Singh, who was part of the delegation going to meet the party high command, said that whatever things are capable of being told to the high command, they will be told.

He said that there are no personal issues between the ministers and MLAs but there is dissatisfaction over the performance of the Captain. On the dissatisfaction that emerged in the party, he said that when the issues are not resolved, similar problems will come to the fore. Asked whether a resolution to remove the captain has been passed in Tuesday’s meeting, Pargat said no resolution was passed but not everyone present in the meeting was satisfied with the performance of the captain.

Where there is a conflict with opponents, promises not fulfilled: Channi
Cabinet minister Charanjit Singh Channi, a long-time opponent of the Captain, made it clear on Tuesday that our issues with this Chief Minister (Captain Amarinder Singh) cannot be resolved. He alleged that some of the promises made by the Punjab Congress during the last elections were fulfilled, but those promises are still pending in fulfillment of which there is a conflict with the opponents.

He said that especially the Bargadi case, catching drug dealers, power agreements, cable mafia, sand mining mafia, transport mafia, and Dalit issues are such that the Captain Government has kept hanging till now because the opposition parties are unable to solve them. (Badal family) would have clashed. For this reason, no progress has been made on these issues to date.

In the case of Sumedh Saini, Channi said that it cannot happen that the intelligence of Punjab does not know whether Saini is at home or not. Only sticks were being knocked on his house and shown. He alleged that when the MLAs went to meet the high command in Delhi on the Bargadi case, the government summoned Badalo but nothing happened after that till date. Channi clearly said that we are not sure that the issues will be resolved.

I am not afraid of going to minister’s post, will talk to high command: Randhawa
Cabinet minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa said after a meeting at Tript Bajwa’s residence on Tuesday that he has no fear of losing his ministerial post in opposing the Captain. He said that I have done my duty well. On the question of how many MLAs are with him against the Captain, Randhawa said that the meeting at Tript’s residence started at 10 am. Since that time a large number of MLAs have been coming and going. He said that he would place the entire matter in front of the party’s high command about the state Congress and the state of the government. On the rhetoric of Navjot Sidhu’s advisors, Randhawa said that the statements of both the advisors are anti-national. He said that Congress has always been of the opinion that Kashmir is an integral part of India.


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