• It has been revealed that the Pentagon gave nearly three billion rupees to the EcoHealth Alliance, which between 2013 and 2020 financed a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

How and from where the coronavirus, which has caused havoc around the world, still remains an unsolved puzzle. The World Health Organization team, despite visiting the Wuhan lab in China, could not clarify the fact where the virus originated, but the US has been insisting from the very beginning that the coronavirus originated in China. From Wuhan Virology Lab. Not only this, but former US President Donald Trump had also named it the Chinese virus, about which China had raised strong objections.

Meanwhile, a big disclosure has come from the US Federal data. According to federal data, the US Defense Ministry, the Pentagon, gave about three billion rupees ($39 million) to the Ecohealth Alliance organization of British-born doctor Peter Daszak. The Ecohealth Alliance is the charity that funded coronavirus research in China’s Wuhan Lab. This same Wuhan lab has been accused of being the source of the coronavirus.

The news came at a time when British-born scientist Dr. Peter Daszak, head of the Ecohealth Alliance, was found guilty of conflict of interest. Along with this, his name had also surfaced regarding the campaign being run against the questions being raised on the leakage of coronavirus from the lab.

After this matter came to light, the Ecohealth Alliance organization has come under intense scrutiny. It is being investigated that this institution was using a federal grant for the research of coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

The EcoHealth Alliance, a US-based non-profit organization set up to research new diseases, has also partially funded the deeply controversial ‘for-profit’ experiments, where they are used to study their effects on human cells. The dangerous virus is made more contagious.

Let us tell you that there was a political earthquake in the US when it was claimed that the Kovid-19 virus was made in the Wuhan Lab funded by the Ecohealth Alliance, or leaked from it. At that time, then-President Donald Trump canceled a grant of Rs 27 crore ($ 3.7 million) for the institution.

But federal grant data collected by independent researchers shows the organization received more than nine billion rupees ($123 million) from the government from 2017 to 2020, and one of its biggest funders is Defense. department, which has given the organization approximately $39 million since 2013. Exactly how much of that money went to research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology is unknown.


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