• On June 3, Milkha Singh was admitted to PGI’s Covid ICU Unit 1 after his health deteriorated. His oxygen level was low at that time.

The health of the corona-infected Padmashree Milkha Singh (91) admitted to Chandigarh PGI is improving rapidly. On Wednesday, the food pipe lying in his nose was removed, after which he ate food with his hand. Till Tuesday, he was being given food through a pipe fitted in his nose. At the same time, his oxygen level is also improving rapidly. From Wednesday, instead of high flow, he was given oxygen at normal flow. At the same time, other parameters increased during the transition are also gradually becoming normal. He has been kept in the isolation room created in ICU Unit 1.

On June 3, when Milkha Singh was admitted to PGI’s Covid ICU Unit 1 due to deteriorating health, his condition was very critical. His oxygen level was very low. At that time, he was needing 60 percent oxygen, whose level was high flow. That is, they were being given 60 liters of oxygen per minute. On the other hand, the oxygen requirement has come down to 40 percent on Wednesday. The doctors treating him have also reduced its level to normal instead of high. ICU in-charge Dr. Ajay told that gradually his condition is getting better. He has also been sitting for some time.

covid infection still persists
ICU in charge of PGI’s Covid Hospital, Dr. Ajay said that on Wednesday, 7 days after being admitted, Milkha Singh’s repeat test for Covid-19 was conducted, whose report still came positive, but his condition is stable. During the recruitment, his blood parameters like D dimer, carotene, and CRP had increased significantly but now he is slowly coming back to the normal range.

There was a glow on the face of Flying Sikh, who talked to the daughter for a long time
On Wednesday, Flying Sikh Milkha Singh looked much better. Instead of hospital clothes, he was wearing a gray kurta from home and a black cap. There was a glow on his face. He talked to his daughter longer than other days. During this, he was looking very happy.

These doctors are under the supervision of
The team of Professor GD Puri, Professor Ashish Bhalla, Dr. Inderpal, Dr. Hemant Bhagat, and Dr. Kamal Kajal, in charge of PGI Covid management, is monitoring Milkha Singh’s health for 24 hours.

Milkha Singh’s health is improving rapidly. His food pipe has been removed. He ate food from his mouth on Wednesday and also took a walk himself. Now his oxygen level is also slowly getting better. –Dr. Ajay Singh, Covid ICU Incharge


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