Navjot Sidhu’s advisors Pyare Lal Garg and Malvinder Singh Mali recently made controversial remarks on social media. It was only after this that the Punjab Congress began to be heavily criticized. Captain Amarinder Singh criticized Pakistan on Independence Day. Pyare Lal Garg rejected the statement of the Captain and supported Pakistan. Whereas Malvinder Mali issued a statement terming Kashmir as a separate country and alleged that Kashmir has been occupied by India and Pakistan.

The advisors of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Navjot Singh Sidhu have not been appointed by the Congress party. This statement was given by Punjab affairs in-charge Harish Rawat on Monday. He said the statements and comments of Sidhu’s advisors are being probed and if these people are found guilty, appropriate action will be taken against them.

Meanwhile, Rawat also made it clear that the party high command has sought a reply from Navjot Sidhu regarding the advisors’ comments. At present, Sidhu, while defending his advisors, has told the high command that the statements of his advisors have been distorted.

Rawat said that he is reaching Chandigarh in the next two days and will investigate the matter at his level and find out the truth. Rawat further said that the Congress party has always been of the view that Jammu and Kashmir are an integral part of India. Rawat said that these advisors of Sidhu have not been appointed by Congress. Sidhu has appointed them at his level.

He further said that if a person so appointed expresses his personal opinion, then the Congress party has nothing to do with it. Rawat said that despite this the party is getting the matter investigated. On Mali making an objectionable cartoon of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi viral, Rawat said that Indira Gandhi was a very popular Prime Minister of India. He has a valuable contribution to the country. She was like a mother to us. We are all grateful to him for the contribution he has made to the country.

Sidhu’s clarification – the statements of the consultants were distorted
Harish Rawat told, ‘I have spoken to Sidhu. It has been informed from their side that the words of their advisors have been distorted, yet I will investigate from my level and if these people are found guilty then they will be punished.

This is the dispute
It is noteworthy that two of Navjot Sidhu’s advisors, Pyare Lal Garg and Malvinder Singh Mali, recently made such statements and comments on social media that the entire Congress party was surrounded by all-around criticism. Garg defended Pakistan in his statement, justifying the criticism of Pakistan by Captain Amarinder Singh, while Malvinder Mali issued a statement terming Kashmir as a separate country, alleging that Kashmir has been occupied by India and Pakistan.

Mali also expressed his opinion on the issue of abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution, under which the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir got special status. He raised the question in his statement that if Kashmir was a part of India then what was the need to remove Article 370 and 35A? Mali didn’t stop there, two days ago he put up a controversial cartoon of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the cover of his Facebook page, with a skeleton hanging over a gun held by Indira Gandhi and a pile of skeletons behind Indira Gandhi. Hours later, Mali uploaded a photo of Captain Amarinder Singh’s personal life on his Facebook page and made derogatory remarks about him.

The high command should intervene on the remarks of Sidhu’s advisors: Manish Tewari
Congress MP from Punjab Manish Tewari has expressed strong objection to the comments being made on social media by the advisors of the state chief Navjot Sidhu and has demanded the immediate intervention of the Congress high command in this matter. On Monday, on his Twitter handle, on the indecent remarks made by two advisors of state Congress chief Navjot Sidhu, Tiwari wrote that the Congress should brainstorm on the matter that those who do not consider Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India and whose inclination towards Pakistan. Yes, can such people be part of the Punjab Congress? In his tweet, Tiwari tagged Harish Rawat and the All India Congress Committee and wrote – It is like making fun of all those who have shed their blood for India.


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