According to NCRB figures, in 2020, there were 28,046 rapes of crimes against women.

NCRB Report: According to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Wednesday, an average of 77 cases of rape were reported daily across the country in 2020. A total of 28,046 rape cases were registered last year. The highest number of such cases in the country was recorded in Rajasthan and the second highest in Uttar Pradesh.

The NCRB, which comes under the Union Home Ministry, said a total of 3,71,503 cases of crime against women were registered across the country last year, up from 4,05,326 in 2019 and 3,78,236 in 2018.

According to NCRB figures, in 2020, there were 28,046 rapes of crimes against women. Of these, 28,153 are victims. Last year, a lockdown was imposed due to Covid-19. Out of the total victims, 25,498 are adults and 2,655 are minors, he said. According to the NCRB’s previous figures, there were 32,033 rape cases in 2019, 33,356 in 2018, 32,559 in 2017, and 38,947 in 2016.

Last year, Rajasthan recorded the highest number of 5,310 rape cases. This was followed by 2,769 cases in Uttar Pradesh, 2,339 cases in Madhya Pradesh, 2,061 cases in Maharashtra, and 1,657 cases in Assam.
According to statistics, 997 cases of rape were registered in the national capital. Of the total cases of crimes against women last year, 1,11,549 were in the category of cruelty by husbands or relatives while 62,300 cases were in the category of kidnapping.

NCRB figures show that 85,392 cases were of assault for indecent assault and 3,741 of attempted rape. It said that during 2020, 105 cases of the acid attacks were registered across the country. According to statistics, there were 6,966 cases of dowry-related deaths in India last year, including 7,045 victims.


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