1. Nine youths dressed as Nihangs boarded the train from Ludhiana station, looting lasted for an hour
  2. Two injured passengers got treatment in Ambala, failed to rescue the partner, pulled the chain and stopped the train, and escaped

In the special train number 04142 (Prayagraj-Udhampur Express) going from Udhampur to Prayagraj, nine youths looted mobile phones and cash from 20 passengers at the tip of knives and spears. However, some passengers smartly overpowered one of the miscreants, while the rest escaped by pulling the chain of the train on the way.

Naveen, a resident of Sonipat and a passenger Syed Ansari, a resident of Tikri Border, told GRP that the train had stopped at Ludhiana railway station on Saturday night. From here nine youths dressed as Nihangs boarded the train in coach number D-7 in the costume of Nihangs. As soon as the train picked up speed, all the accused came and sat beside the passengers. After about 15 minutes there was a scream in the coach.

The train was about to reach Sirhind railway station when the accused started snatching expensive mobile phones and cash from the passengers present in the train at the tip of knives and spears. Meanwhile, the passengers overpowered a robber. The robbers also tried to free the accomplice. Failing that, they pulled the chain between Sadhugarh and Sarai Banjara station before Rajpura railway station, stopped the train, and jumped off.

Syed Ansari told that all the accused were turbaned and one of them was repeatedly calling one of the accused Fateh Singh. The same accused hit him on the head with a sharp weapon and snatched Rs 900 from his pocket, Rs 3,000 from his bag and mobile phone. At the same time, it is clearly visible in the footage received from the Ludhiana railway station that before boarding the train, the arrested youths tracked two different coaches and pointed it out to each other, while it is also visible in the footage that their There were also sharp weapons in their hands.

When the eyes opened, the sword was on the neck.
Naveen told that he was sleeping when the incident happened. He woke up when a cold object touched his neck. He saw that some youths with clothes on their faces were standing with swords in their hands. He said that whatever is there, take it out and give it to us, otherwise you will be killed. The accused looted one thousand rupees from him. As soon as he went ahead of the robbers, he saved himself by hiding in the toilet of the train and after that shared the details of the matter with the train TTE and security agencies.

THE Arvind Balyan told that after the robbery, the train stood between Sadhugarh and Sarai Banjara railway station for about 7 minutes. After apprehending an accomplice of the robbers, all the coach doors were closed with the help of passengers. The robbers also tried their best to free their partner. The train was started immediately after giving information to the train driver and due to this, the robbers could not succeed in getting their companions released.

Police arrested five
One of the arrested youths has been identified as an Anmol resident of Amritsar. On his identification, Punjab GRP has arrested 5 youths on Sunday evening. According to GRP sources, all the robbers have been caught. The matter took place near the Sirhind station under the division, so the RPF is also investigating the matter at its level.

Accused handed over to Punjab GRP
There was a report of a robbery on the train. Taking joint action, RPF and GRP overpowered one of the accused involved in the incident from the train. Punjab GRP has taken the accused with him for further action. The two passengers who were injured were given first aid. Further action in the matter is being done by Sirhind GRP.
Vilayati Ram, Police Station in-charge GRP Cantonment


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