The four women were handed over to the Gosaiganj police. The police have registered a case late at night.

Four women had gone to meet two PFI members lodged in Gosainganj jail in Lucknow on Sunday. Everyone had the RTPCR report, which was found to be fake in the investigation of the jail personnel. The four women were immediately handed over to the Gosaiganj police. The police have registered a case late at night.

According to Jailor Ajay Rai, in the month of February, ATS arrested PFI members Asand Badruddin and Firoz, residents of Kerala. Both have been lodged in the Gosainganj jail. On Sunday, four women of the family, five children along their two lawyers had reached to meet these two accused. The administration made the RTPCR report necessary after the Kovid infection was found in the car jail.

In this sequence, the RTPCR report of the women who came to meet the prisoners was investigated. In which the reports of three women were found to be fake. When the matter was found suspicious, the jail administration stopped everyone. At the same time, information was given to the Gosainganj police. The police reached the spot and took him into custody. During this, there was a lot of commotion there. According to Jailor Ajay Rai, the detainees were members of PFI. Therefore, special care was being taken regarding their mixing.

The report was released from Gurgaon’s lab
The RTPCR reports of the women were from a lab in Gurgaon. Information about the report was made by calling the lab. The report number was given. After this, the staff of the lab asked for all four reports in the mail. All four reports were mailed on the ID of the lab. After some time the employee there called back and told that a sample of a report had come to his lab. Not the rest of the report. Jailor Ajay Rai told that on September 23, there was a production of both the prisoners.

Earlier, there was an alert from the police commissioner that law and order could be affected if both the prisoners were physically produced in the court. Since then vigilance was being taken more. According to DCP West Somen Verma, after questioning everyone, Gosainganj has been handed over to the police. Gosainganj police are investigating the matter further. According to ACP Gosainganj Swati Choudhary, a report of cheating and forgery has been registered against four people including Nazima Badruddin on the Tahrir of Jailor Ajay Rai and the matter is being investigated.


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